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MSNBC Just Exposed Why Jared Kushner Is Under Investigation, He Met With A Russian Spy (VIDEO)

The Senate Intelligence Committee announced Monday that the president’s son-in-law about his ties to Russia. Astoundingly, this announcement came right alongside the that it would be placing the same Jared Kushner at the head of what it called the president’s “SWAT team.” A team that is tasked with a complete overhaul of the federal government.

Many assumed that the focus of the questioning would involve Sergey Kislyak, a Russian ambassador that met with both Micheal Flynn and Jeff Sessions and discussed some disturbing things that both parties later lied about. However, Kushner seems to have steered clear of Kislyak at least in the recent past. The first son instead sent an assistant to meet with him, which in retrospect seems like a wise decision.

However, Kushner did meet personally with someone with close ties to Russia. And the White House has yet to explain why. Sergey Gorkov describes himself as the chairmen of a large Russian bank. But what he isn’t as forthcoming about is his training and education. in the Kremlin’s school. He didn’t study business or finance and his abrupt rise to power lines up exactly with Russia’s takeover of publicly held industries.

On a number of occasions, Putin has used Gorkov as a personal piggy-bank for the Kremlin in order to destabilize regions around the world. The US has for three years now listed Gorkov and his bank as an illegitimate Russian front for Putin’s underhanded business deals around the globe. And now after confirming that Jared Kushner, the administration’s new everything czar, met with this spy -banker the administration gave no details about what the two were talking about.

So the message that the White House gave Americans on Monday was that the federal government is going to be widely reformed and that Jared Kushner will be placed in charge of:

  1. Middle East Peace
  2. Japan
  3. China
  4. Canada
  5. Mexico
  6. The Wall
  7. Trade Deals
  8. Office of American Innovation
  9. The Department of Veteran’s Affairs
  10. Trump’s $1 Trillion Infrastructure Plan
  11. Installing New Technology and Infrastructure Throughout Entire Executive Branch
  12. Broad Band Policy
  13. The Opioid Epidemic

… and also he met with a Russian spy. But they only talked about business and stuff. Don’t worry.

Here’s Rachel Maddow’s Full Show With MANY More Details:

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