MSF Kunduz: No I wont let this dissappear in the noise 

MSF Kunduz: No I wont let this dissappear in the noise

The Afghan government has said

"At the moment,we have limited doctors to attend the injured. We also have limited number of medical supplies, but we've got some doctors on board from Kabul and they are trying their best to treat the patients."

Although doctors have arrived in Kunduz to help cope with the looming humanitarian crisis, Al Jazeera's Azimy said they are refusing to work in the main hospital due to fears that it may be hit by another air strike.

There may well be pressured to bury this story:

Any confirmation of US responsibility for the hospital deaths would deal a blow to Afghan President Ashraf Ghani's policy of forging closer ties with the US.

Make no mistake my argument here is not, who is the worst of the warring factions [the Taliban are truly odious], it is that justice needs to be done. The truth needs to be told, and if people need to be held responsible then they should be.

We have let torture and pre-emptive war slide as if they never happened, we have let mass killings from bombings [drone and manned] slide with no investigation and nobody at all held responsible.

We say the other side are worse, we say they are evil and indeed that may well be the case, but are we not better than this?

Do we let possible war crimes slide just because we might be guilty of them?

How about the next time?

From past history in the Middle East with respect to investigations of torture who the hell will believe a US investigation now.

The UN must be allowed to investigate this by all parties and the results published in full.