Modern Liberalism Has Been A Major Failure


The liberal class have utterly failed in their duty to protect the working classes of society. The beginnings of liberalism are extremely interesting. Classic liberalism was created as a reaction to the end of the feudal system. It fundamentally argued for independence for every citizen under the rule of law.

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It incorporated aspects of ancient Athenian philosophy and was a philosophical system with both Aristotelian thought and medieval theology. At its core liberalism was and is individualist; it asserts the moral primacy of the individual against any collective body. The concept of people’s liberal identity inspired them to rise up against corruption when they saw fit.
Like we see in modern society classic liberalism very much encouraged the peaceful battle between the 99% vs the 1%. This means that the occupy Wall Street movement which has received much criticism is much more about what real liberalism is than the way the democrats conduct themselves.

Evidence of the failure of liberals is seen everywhere; no more than in the disillusionment of average citizens with the liberal class. Many liberals have given up on their expectancy of liberals to properly represent them and have found shelter in the form of The Tea Party, writes Chris Hedges in his book, ‘The Death of The Liberal Class’. It really is a sad society we live in that the political situation is so bad that the Tea (Taxed Enough Already) Party seems like a credible alternative, which it is certainly not.

People are frustrated with the liberal class as they have failed in their duty to protect, even minimally, the interests of average citizens not only in the US but across the world. They have willingly allowed rich corporations dismantle the authenticity of our political system, corrupt our banking sectors and fail the manufacturing sector. The liberal representatives on a global level have witnessed the devastating exploitation of the working class without really delaying or disturbing the process. This is the ultimate failure of any group – allowing the people they claim to represent to suffer at the hands of the people they claim to be against.

Let’s look at the different liberal bodies that have failed the shrinking middle class. Systematically in a traditional democracy acts essentially as a safety valve, making sure that the country doesn’t become insufferable for the working class, some however believe that such a valve no longer exists in modern society. Liberal political parties also offer a valuable role in the way that they represent those with more progressive beliefs than their conservative counterparts- however again modern liberal political parties often fail to be progressive enough to represent the more radical liberal views.

Liberal parties are supposed to stand for hope and change aswell as gradual steps to greater equality. However when the global electorate see their countries let down time and time again by liberal parties they often lose confidence in such parties as they recognise their failure to implement the change they promise. Letting down the person who supports you and puts you into a position of poor must be regarded as a miserable failure of responsibility.

In modern society some of our political liberal representatives – mainly the most powerful ones – are as much to blame for the banking crisis and worldwide poverty than the corrupt elites who were directly responsible. It must be mentioned that not all liberals in politics have abandoned the cores principles of liberalism, however the sad truth is that the most ambitious and committed liberals are often the ones furthest from power and positions of authority. Nowadays the most moderate and non-committed liberals who are also the most powerful cling to power yet fail to fulfill their democratic position which I have already portrayed.

Take the US democratic party as an example. They often put on political theatre and a mirage that they are as liberal as the people they represent. Often people that claim to be thoroughly progressive such as Hillary Clinton are pushed into places of power, (we can only presume that she will soon be President), when they really had been corrupted by corporate interests the minute they enter politics. On the other hand radical liberals that really represent the people that vote for them such as Bernie Sanders are left in the dark because of their unwillingness to give up on what they believe in, we can only presume he will not be President.

However I don’t blame Hillary Clinton, I blame the entire Democratic Party. Their greatest failure is the fact that it is far too hard to differentiate between them and the extremely conservative Republican Party. This is a grave disappointment as it means traditional liberals in the US no longer have a party that truly represents them. This occurrence hasn’t just happened in the US, but on an international level.

It’s not just liberals in politics that have failed the average citizen. “Liberal” unions that were founded on extremely classic liberal grounds- to stand up for average workers (remember the 1% vs the 99%) – are now literally negotiators for elite capitalists. Many such organisations give the false illusion that they fight tirelessly for the plight of the common man and the fight for liberal values.

This blinds us from the fact that corporations and conservative governments have made it impossible for those who are socio-economically challenged to lift out of poverty and in extreme cases live with dignity. The sad truth is that most of this worker’s unions facilitate the disempowerment and impoverishment of workers because their lack of principles. How liberal does that seem?

Reform and regeneration of liberalism is not impossible but highly unlikely. Why would top liberals want reform? The system suits them and their agenda. It is similar to capitalism; liberalism will never truly be reformed but may be tweaked in the future. It saddens me to see passionate, liberal activists on twitter and in the real world fighting for the just cause of liberal values while those liberal governments who falsely claim to represent such activists stab them socially and economically behind their backs for the sake of big businesses. In most countries being liberal is now described as being radically left such is the deceit of people claiming to be liberal.

While we fight for the cause of liberal identity those who represent us tear it apart. That is why we, as best we can, must try to get ourselves into positions where we can influence both politics and worker’s rights.
But it is clear that the current batch of liberals in power across the world, not all but certainly those who have access to create change, have been a failure and unless radical reform occurs the liberal class will cease to exist.


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