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Mitt Romney’s Unreleased Tax Returns Will Damage His Campaign

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney must realize by now that it has become a catch-22 situation with either the release or the continued unreleased of more of his tax returns – his campaign is probably going to be damaged either way.

Those who are defending Mitt Romney for not releasing more of his tax returns, continue to bring up this excuse that if he releases more returns, then the Obama team will just demand more. I suppose that is possible, just about the same way President Obama was asked to show his birth certificate, then after he did, some right-wing conservatives to this day are still not satisfied – such as Donald Trump for instance, one of Mitt Romney’s friends on the campaign trail.

If anything, Mitt Romney should want to match his opponent – Barack Obama as he is the one he’s competing against for the White House. It also is very strange for a presidential candidate to refuse to release more tax returns when several of his own colleagues are strongly encouraging him to.

All he needs to say is “I will release ten more years of my tax returns, but I will make it understood that this is as far as I will go, so don’t even ask for more.”

Of course, that sounds more like New Jersey Governor Chris Christy than Mitt Romney as far as tone but that would put a cap on it and it would at least sound like he’s trying to be reasonable.

But I highly suspect as many do, that within those tax returns there is much to hide, way too much and it would destroy his chances at the White House. I even suspect that there could be something illegal that could risk not only his career but his freedom. That of course is just my personal hunch as there is no evidence of any such thing to date.

Republicans should realize one thing; we Democrats are shaking our heads in amazement and dancing a jig at the choice of candidate they chose to stand up against Barack Obama. The contrast between these two men will show not only what Mitt Romney is about but the political party that nominated him.

Mitt Romney is what I call the poster boy for the out-of-touch 1 percent.  He also has it wrong when he says about those who oppose wealth inequality; that it’s just about “envy”. Americans believe in wealth; we love to see others be successful and become wealthy. That encourages the rest of us to do the same.

By the same token, how that wealth is obtained and how it is used may draw fire. Wealth should be about a higher standard of living and financial security, not about manipulating government and our laws to secure even more wealth, and trampling over everyone else in the process.

Presently, the media and everyone else can only guess at what could be in Mitt Romney’s tax returns that could be so damaging, that his campaign would continue to take this fire storm of criticism and scrutinizing without budging.

If Mitt Romney continues to refuse to even give a few more of his returns, I think it will be a big issue during the debates and in November.

The most important factor that’s going to play in my opinion this election will be the contrast between the two candidates. Barack Obama is an open book and Mitt Romney is not – this alone could decide this election.

Americans want a good look at who they’re voting for. It’s always been important that candidates don’t appear to be hiding anything; it surely doesn’t play well in elections. With so much pressure coming from all sides for him to release more returns, it also presents a question in those undecided voters’ minds that if this guy won’t even release some, there must be something to hide.

But, I’m a Democrat and I actually support Mitt Romney not releasing his tax returns, for very selfish reasons of course. The heat will surely keep get hotter under his feet as long as he doesn’t. And, for the next four months we won’t be talking about the economy, but about his unreleased tax returns instead – life couldn’t be better for guys like me.

As I’ve said before and I’ll say it again; the GOP got what they deserve in Mitt Romney – he is so much of what they represent.  Who knows, maybe Mitt Romney will lose the nomination and it will go to Ron Paul instead. Now wouldn’t that be a whole new ball game?

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