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Mitch McConnell Comes Out Of His Shell To Call The President Wrong About Fake News

Here it is Monday, which invariably means we’ve just weathered yet another long weekend of Trump blathering about on Twitter that’s dumb enough to sound made up, but with small enough words that his supporters believe it. Most folks have seen enough by now about the in Charlottesville and the a week later that Trump can’t just scream “FAKE NEWS” — not that it stopped him from trying:

But there’s one guy who disagrees with the president on fake news, and it’s just one of the many disagreements they’ve had lately. It seems there’s no love lost between Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell after the weeks of -and- over healthcare. Now Mitch is hitting back with what looks like an indictment of Trump — if the news isn’t fake, then that guy’s a dick.

Speaking to reporters at a Louisville Chamber of Commerce event, McConnell was asked what, if any, news he actually paid attention to, with all the accusations of news the president doesn’t like being “fake.”

My view is that most news is not fake, but I do try to look at a variety of sources. I try not to fall in love with any particular source.”

That’s definitely a step away from Trump, who sources primarily Fox and Friends and his own misguided followers for most of his Twitter posts.

Of course, he may not need Fox or even evangelical apologists like Jerry Falwell, Jr. soon. With his dismissal of Steve Bannon as his chief strategist, Bannon was freed up to go back to the far-right extremist media outlet he turned into an empire, Breitbart News. While Trump now needs to fill that spot in the White House, he almost seemed happier to see Bannon back at his old post:

It’s definitely odd, to see Mitch McConnell as some sort of moderate just because he doesn’t subscribe to the conspiracy theories that Breitbart peddles. Whatever the case may be, it makes us happy to see either the Senate Majority Leader or the president upset, and even more when it’s at each other.

Feud on, douchebags!

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