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Michelle Obama And Her Daughters Depart For Africa Trip–‘Christians’ Go Full Racist (SCREENSHOTS)

The Let Girls Learn initiative is a program initiated by the First Couple last year to spread the joy of learning to the more than 62 million girls around the world who aren’t getting an education. It’s a program the First Lady and her daughters all feel very strongly about and participate in passionately. A state trip to Africa as part of the initiative began Sunday when Michelle, Sasha and Malia Obama departed Washington on their way to Africa to meet with heads of state and provide inspiration to girls across the continent who just want the opportunity to learn.

That’s what is ACTUALLY happening. In the conservative world, the trip is just another lavish vacation on the taxpayer’s dime that can be added to the eleventy trillion dollars the President and his family have spent on jet fuel, renting entire hotels and golf. It’s preposterous, but they love their hate, so…whatever. One particular conservative propaganda rag — which happens to be the — couldn’t just let the hate fester among their idiotic fan base. They felt the need to attacking the first family that in not so many words invited vile, racist comments from their fans without the page itself saying anything that could be reported to Facebook:

Clever, aren’t they? These are the same clowns who posted the memes asking for people to comment on and It looks like they use PrintShop 98 and the picture they used is at least 3-years-old, but it doesn’t matter. In just over 4 hours they had accumulated more than 500 comments and the meme has been shared enough to call it viral. By now it’s all over Conservaturdville, the place where assholes go to pretend they’re Christians in one breath and call for the rape of a 15-year-old girl in another.

Typically This is where we would dump a ton of screenshots from random people saying random stupid, racist and hateful things. Today, let’s try something a bit different. Today, rather than blame the page for its call for racism without calling for racism, let’s blame the self-proclaimed “Christians” who have obliged. It’s a public post, so these jackwagons brought this on themselves:

That’s John Morgan from Charlestown, Indiana. He’s a good Christian fella who . He’s a racist scumbag who believes the white race is the reason the world exists because he’s never heard of the cradle of civilization. To prove what a good Christian he is he posts things like this:

Well that just makes his white supremacist attitude hunky-dory, now, doesn’t it? Next up:


Barbara is . Her reference to “tribe” and “hut” isn’t at all stereotypical or racist. It can’t be. Barabara is the type who gets upset because she doesn’t understand separation of church and state, so she must really love God…like…a lot:

No, Barbara. You aren’t being persecuted. Public school bands don’t play Christian hymns. Get with the program. Next!

Jeronimo isn’t just a Christian conservative and he isn’t just a radical right-winger; he’s who loves pages that cater to racists like The Federalist Papers and The Gateway Pundit. It’s no wonder he ended up hanging out with our new friends at The Resistance:

He’s definitely the guy to track down in case of the zombie apocalypse. Something tells me he has a really good bunker.

Adrian doesn’t just on Facebook, he sells guns on Facebook. That’s a clear violation of Facebook policy. It would be a shame if a bunch of people

Nice gun. Do us all a favor and don’t load it. Radical Americans and guns just don’t mix.

You’d expect a comment like that to come from common gutter trash but no, it comes from Tampa Christian Sally over there, a friend to anyone whose kinfolk don’t climb trees in Africa. This post full of irony makes you wonder just what kind of asshole raised her:

Sally is also dumb enough to on the profile she uses to spout vile racism. Hopefully nobody alerts them about the piece of cow dung they have working for them.

Dale is a Christian, a veteran, a conspiracy theorist and a racist. He’s also the last person who should be insulting anyone, because…dayum:

Better hurry up and eat that fish, Dale, before Obama comes and steals it to feed the Muslim Brotherhood living in the White House.

You’d think someone as hard up to be relevant as Ed here would be proud of his racism. He is, after all, a good Christian who knows that Jesus was the only white man with sandy brown straight hair and blue eyes ever born in the middle east. He’s also a piece of sh*t:

He doesn’t discriminate or make hurtful comments. Especially about families of silverback apes.

You’ll have to excuse Larry, he’s one of those Texas Christians. When he says “nappy-headed hoes” what he really means is “beautiful children of God.” Of course he does. Because children are what it’s all about:

It doesn’t matter if you raise them right, Larry, if right means anything to do with your perverted moral compass.

One more for good measure. This guy we reported ourselves, because…well, just because:

Sadly, Mike doesn’t appear to be welcome on Facebook anymore.

The one thing virtually every single one of the more than 600 (yes it’s increased by 100 since I started writing) commenters has in common is they call themselves “Christians.” . Click on any profile and go to their likes. You’re bound to find something that would lead you to believe that they are good people. They are not.

The bulk of the comments are “stay there.” Dumb, unoriginal and bland but at least not overtly racist. Then there are the hopes that the First Lady of the United States and her 2 teenage daughters will die in a plane crash. It’s very Godly. Add in the comments about the president being a Muslim, going “home to his birthplace” and the plethora of other racist comments and you will come to the same conclusions Winning Democrats has come to.:

The Resistance: the Last Line of Defense is the dumbest place on the internet.

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