Meta: After Today's To And Fro 

Meta: After Today's To And Fro

If you don't like meta, stop here.

I have come to a decision to no longer participate in any diary or comment chain that involves the Democratic Party Primary until January 2016.

I will not claim any high ground in the to and fro and have got caught up in the moment myself. I am also learning nothing new, which is a shame.

I already know exactly how I am going to vote next year unless something of mind-boggling stupidity occurs. I am not one of those people that has the patience or even the inclination to persuade others to change their minds.

I'll continue to attack the right as it would just be silly not to do so, I'll continue to point out issues that are important in general, but as far as DP politics, well that makes me brim with so much meh, it aint funny.

So in other words, I'm on a pie free diet until January 2016.


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