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Meet the next Sean Spicer? Maybe.

     Come on Mr Sediment President, how often do you honestly think we can keep on saying “You just can’t make this shit up” when we talk about your every brain dead musing or decision?!? But my dear people, I swear that I’m not making this up just to screw with your Sunday morning.

     According to a on The Tiny Thumbs Diktator is becoming mucho displeased with his communications team. And I’m not just talking about Sean Spicer, he’s getting fed up with the whole damn bunch of them, off screen movers and shakers as well. And forget about just replacing Sean Spicer to shut Melissa McCarthy up by going to that talking steno machine Sara Huckabee Sanders, when Der Trumpkopf thinks, nobody thinks so YUGE;

The Associated Press reported Saturday that Trump is contemplating whether to expand his communications team and has considered hiring producers from Fox News. The president has even mentioned in private Fox News “The Five” co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle as a possible replacement to Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary.

     Oh, sweet Jeebus, I can’t take much more of this. Producers from Cluster Fox is going to come up with a line believable by anybody with 12 functioning brain cells, much less the veteran Washington press corps? And has anybody seen Kimberley Guilfoyle in her natural element on set? Greg Gutfield sits at the right hand end of a long table, looking frumpy. Three more people sit along the long side, covered pretty much from the waist down by the table and the shot. Kimberley Guilfoyle sits at the left end, well back, leaning back in her chair, legs crossed, one leg bobbing up and down and her hands crossed on her lap while she nods her head and looks, um, intense I guess is the look she’s shooting for (she misses by 6’).

     No, clearly Kimberley Guilfoyle is no moron. After law school she was a prosecutor in both Los Angeles and San Francisco, before moving across country to launch her career in TV, first on Court TV and as a contributor on AC 360, and then on to Fox. One would think that this would be a mismatch made in hell, since a prosecutor is supposed to deal solely in the truth, and Trump’s deck is 52 aces of bullshit, but fortunately Kimberley already made the transition at Fox. It might be interesting to see someone who made their living asking other people aggressive questions in a courtroom getting asked aggressive questionns the White House press room, but somehow or other I just just see it working out very well.

     Personally, I think that Trump is making a big mistake here, if he in fact does this. If he wants a media personality for a press secretary, too bad Vanna White isn’t still on TV for his eye to stumble across. She’d be perfect, anytime a reporter asked her a difficult question, they could just put a square letter on the screen to the left of the podium, and Vanna could beam, turn to her right in profile, and wave her hands at the screen. The press might not be amused, but it wold be right in Trump’s mental wheelhouse.