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Maybe Kerry Will Beat Bush After All


Maybe Kerry Will Beat Bush After All

In 2004, John Kerry proposed a new direction but America voted to stay the course in our wars. Now, America is happy to have drawn down in Iraq & Kerry will soon help us leave Afghanistan. In '04, Kerry said that police action, not war, was the right course for fighting terrorism. The then-Prez disagreed, so it wasn't until 2011 that intelligence & analysis caught Bin Laden.

Nine years ago, Swift Boaters slandered Kerry -- now he's going to be America's envoy to the world. Nine years ago, George W Bush won the election -- by term's end, he was a national embarrassment. The country tries to forget one of these men, and his own party tries to ignore him.

The other may yet have lasting positive impact on the nation and on world. Despite what happened in 2004, maybe Kerry will defeat Bush after all. Raise a toast to our future Secretary of State & discuss the Hagel haggle about to happen as your share your thoughts & share a night at your local progressive social club.

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