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Maxine Waters: The Trump Administration ‘Transforms Everyone Into Liars,’ Including General Kelly

The California Congresswoman is back at the podium on Saturday, and she is taking no prisoners. Democratic Representative Maxine Waters, in an early morning tweetstorm, took on the Trump administration once again, after Trump, his spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and even his chief of staff General John F. Kelly stretched and the press over Trump’s horrifying phone call to the pregnant widow of a Green Beret into its fifth day.

It’s no surprise that Waters would weigh on the debacle — she’s been one of the loudest critics of Donald Trump since inauguration day. But off the top of my head, I can’t remember a time when she was so impassioned on the social media platform that Trump himself uses to such great effect to dupe his gullible followers.

On Saturday morning, Trump tweeted out yet another attack on Rep. Wilson, the Florida Congresswoman from the slain soldier’s district who was in the car with Sergeant La David Johnson’s widow and mother as came in on speakerphone on their way to meet Johnson’s remains at Miami International Airport.

After Wilson called out Trump for his insensitive and disgusting phone manner, he and his goon squad began attacking Wilson’s character. But the wife and mother of the fallen hero backed up Wilson’s account of the story, making Trump and his team look not just incompetent, but cruel. Tired of watching her colleague get pilloried by the president, “Auntie Maxine” flexed her Twitter thumbs:

It’s likely, however, that along with transforming John Kelly into a liar, the Trump administration has also stripped away the rest of his honor as a soldier. It seems far-fetched to imagine that anyone involved in Trump’s side of this insane feud over the corpse of a dead soldier will ever apologize for their disgusting behavior.

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