Mass Murder for Laughs 

Mass Murder for Laughs

"The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun." Wayne LaPierre

This is beautiful. Finally a mass killing we can all get a few giggles out of. 

It happened on Monday in - of all places - Waco, Texas. Three rival bike gangs found themselves at the right place at the wrong time. In this case, that place was an establishment called the Twin Peaks Diner. Someone said the wrong thing to the wrong person; or perhaps it was a long smoldering tiff that exploded at this particular instant. Whatever the case, before anyone could figure out what was happening, these nitwits were shooting at each other - in a public place where small children were present. When it was over, nine of these idiotic bastards lay dead. Isn't that something?
I not going to apologize for finding the humor in this latest bloodbath in America. In a shit-for-brains state like Texas (where carrying concealed weapons are not only legal, they're encouraged) this sort of "incident" should be expected from time-to-time. This wasn't Newtown, Connecticut, where twenty-six people, most of them children, were slaughtered in cold blood. These were grown men who apparently had their "manhood" put to the test. Scores need gonna be settled, Bubba! Some folks're gonna pay some dues! Right. 
Which brings me back to Wayne LaPierre's insanely idiotic quote about good guys with guns stopping the bad guys with guns. Everyone of these assholes thought that he was "the good guy" taking out "the bad guy". Can't you see how screamingly funny this is?

Yeah, this is the "freedom" that the NRA types love to scream about. How free would you have felt had you been a patron of the Twin Peaks Restaurant on the early afternoon of May 15, 2015. Say you were dining out with your spouse and two children, minding your own damned business when, out of the blue, bullets are whizzing all about you? I dare to venture the judgement that you would not have felt very "free" at all. Call it a stupid hunch on my part if it'll make you feel any better.

Interestingly enough, all is quite from the halls of the right wing scream machine this morning. I guess that that's to be expected under the circumstances; but can you imagine the howl ensuing from their amplifiers had the shooting been between the Crypts and the Bloods - two notorious, predominantly African American gangs? Fox Noise would be on the story twenty-four/seven. They really haven't much to say about it now, though. A story as ugly as this one tends to smudge up their rose-colored lenses just a tad, if you know what I mean. Texas is rugged, American individualism at its finest. Keep the propaganda flowing. Ignore the blood. Ignore the bodies. Oh, beautiful for spacious skies....

This will probably the last time for a while that we'll be able to get a good giggle out of a shooting of this magnitude. This time the victims were not quite too innocent or untainted by fate. They were just a bunch of bad asses who wouldn't have walked into a public restaurant armed and dangerous if they hadn't been looking for trouble. Fuck them. The next time (and it's coming sooner than you think) will be a real tragedy, one quite possibly more unspeakable that that which occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary on December 15, 1013.

Fasten  your seat belts and get them hankies ready, kiddies!

Tom Degan
Goshen, NY

Something to think about


The Bully Pulpit 
by Doris Kearns-Goodwin

I'm now at the point in my life where I believe that Doris Kearns-Goodwin is incapable of writing a bad book. Every one of them have been a gem - and this one is hardly the exception to the rule.
This is about the friendship of Theodore Roosevelt and William Howard Taft - and the eventual disintegration of that friendship. The  thing I am most impressed with is learning how far ahead of his time Taft was as a progressive.That said, any well-written book that has TR as a central figure is always going to be a good read. I cannot recommend this one enough.