Mark Cuban Confronts Trump’s Lawyer About Investigation, Gives Him A Lesson He’ll Never Forget (VIDEO) | THE POLITICUS

Mark Cuban Confronts Trump’s Lawyer About Investigation, Gives Him A Lesson He’ll Never Forget (VIDEO)

Billionaire Mark Cuban has been after Donald Trump from the very beginning, even before Trump stepped foot in the White House. The Shark Tank investor and Mavericks owner was a major threat to Trump’s presidential campaign and continued to be a thorn in Trump’s orange side even after he won the election. Lately, it seems as though Cuban has taken a backseat over the past few months, but he’s just resurfaced to remind Trump that he still knows how to make the underserving POTUS’ life a living hell.

Recently, Cuban met up with Trump’s longtime personal lawyer, Trump Organization attorney Michael Cohen. As Cuban and Cohen are longtime buddies, Trump should certainly be alarmed and worried that Cohen decided to meet up with Cuban for breakfast earlier this morning, even as Cohen is under severe scrutiny in Trump’s Russia investigation.

Meeting up at Landmarc restaurant in NYC’s Time Warner Center, that he provided Cohen with a much-needed intervention, offering the Trump attorney advice on how he could remain calm during this very stressful criminal investigation. According to Cuban, Cohen was a mess and the billionaire had to “calm him down and talk him off the roof” by speaking about his own experience while he was under SEC investigation due to insider trading (Cuban was acquitted). The advice that Cuban gave his pal Cohen will infuriate Trump to no end. Cuban stated that he told his friend:

“The truth will set you free.”

As Trump will likely try to get Cohen to lie for him, Trump is in major trouble if Cohen takes Cuban’s advice.

Cohen also told TMZ that he was cooperating with the special counsel “100%” – and also added that he’s writing a book about what it’s like to work with Trump.

You can watch Cohen and Cuban below:

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