Marathon Men

Marathon Men

Rand Paul launches a filibuster-ish fight as the principled voice protesting the Patriot Act, and speaks for a marathon 11 hours becoming, for a moment, an unlikely hero to the Left.

In Boston, the jury chooses the death penalty to end the story of the Marathon bomber, yet even such a verdict won’t quickly bring survivors to the finish line in their own journey of mourning.

As Bobby Jindal, Lindsey Graham and George Pataki toy with their own presidential ambitions, and the GOP wrestles with how to conduct debates, that marathon promises to be one heck of a spectacle.

Fast Track for the TPP has turned into a slow track, Iran negotiations continue moving slow-and-steady, and meanwhile, Letterman finishes a 33-year run of his own.

It’s not a season for sprinting, but a summer for long hauls, as politics promises to produce a series of Marathon Men.

And given that Hillary Clinton has been running for years, there’s one pretty powerful Marathon Woman as well.

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