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Man Gets 3-Year Jail Term For Threatening To Kill Obama

A 32-year-old prison convict and Muslim believer from Massachusetts has been convicted to three years in jail time for saying he would kill the then President Barack Obama, prosecutors stated.

Alex Hernandez was convicted Wednesday by federal authority Indira Talwani to 37 months, to be completed concurrently with a five-to-eight-year jail term he is already facing for drugs and firearms offenses.

He declared guilty in May to one count of warning to kill and cause bodily harm on the President. Federal agents were hinted in 2015 that Hernandez desired to kill Obama and received false travel documents to leave the country eventually, prosecutors announced.

In a succeeding sting operation within the penitentiary where he was jailed, he allegedly told a secret agent he wanted to attack the White House and was thinking how to make bombs to “create chaos” around government structures.

Prosecutors cited Hernandez as stating that he wanted to target Obama because “he’s the one that gives the orders.”

He allegedly explained the would-be attack by saying his “brothers” were arguing for “the caliphate in the Middle East” and complained that the US administration was “painting it like they are the bad guys.”



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