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‘Look For The Helpers’: During Harvey, Obama Delivers Hope, Americans Step Up To Help

On Sunday, as folks across the nation began to get back in touch with friends and loved ones in the path of Hurricane Harvey, it was easy to fall into the trappings of gloom and doom. One look at the National Weather Service’s Twitter timeline gives you a good example of what has America worried, scared, and sometimes feeling lost:

Donald Trump was no help at all. In between pardoning Joe Arpaio, officially banning transgender service in the military, and complaining about Mexico, the few tweets Trump managed to make about the natural disaster in Texas and the surrounding area were self-congratulatory and worthless.

So I went looking for hope, and I knew just where to go:

That’s always a good start. A reminder of what a real president looks like, and how they might respond and act in times of emergency like this. And the thing is, Barack Obama is such a nice guy that if Donald Trump had bothered to send a tweet like this, he never would have done it himself — he would have just let the current president be the president. So following Barack Obama’s lead, I’ve compiled some tweets that will make you feel better, a little less hopeless and sad, a little further away from despair. Make sure your sound is on so you can hear the ones with audio.

We can’t lose hope because the heroes taking care of America right now aren’t losing hope. They are working tirelessly: Firemen, sheriff’s deputies, search and rescue, reporters, veterans, and just plain ordinary citizens are all pulling together, and they are doing great, you guys.

Featured image via Scott Olson/Getty Images