In Line for Bernie's Rally in West Allis, Pwning a Reporter Live, and Poll Results Are In (update) | THE POLITICUS

In Line for Bernie's Rally in West Allis, Pwning a Reporter Live, and Poll Results Are In (update)

Rally in West Allis, Pwning

Yesterday was eventful.

As noted in my last piece, Bernie Sanders held a rally near my home in West Allis, Wisconsin last night. My 70 year old cousin and I made plans to go as soon as it was announced. Arriving nearly 2 hours before doors were set to open at 5 PM, we stood in a substantial line after paying 6 bucks to park at State Fair Park. We ended up with a pretty nice place to park, too.

Volunteers for local and state candidates who will also be on the ballot April 5 worked their way the high energy crowd that stood in line for the event. In Wisconsin, our town, city, village, county elections are held with the Presidential Primary as well as an important State Supreme Court race.

We need to rid ourselves of a bigoted Scott Walker appointee on our State Supreme Court while big time dark money ads are working overtime to get the odious Rebecca Bradley elected to a full 10 year term. We also need to replace our terrible Milwaukee County Executive who fooled us all (yes, me, too) into believing he was on our side. Well, he wasn’t as we saw from his use of the Republican dominated State Legislature passing law after law to facilitate his power grab until he is, today, literally an Emperor using his official might to benefit the 1%.

The line kept on stretching longer as time passed until we couldn’t see the end anymore. There were no provisions made for people with disabilities. I saw at least 3 people walking on crutches moving slowly from the parking entrance toward the end of the line. That wasn’t a good thing.

Chris and I stayed in line for 2 hours while Bernie volunteers worked the crowd to solicit volunteers. However, most people had already registered via the web site and were already active. Folks were shooting cell phone video of the people standing in line and we waved and smiled at them all. And then …..

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