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Liberals Need to Stop Supporting Welfare

Anyone who reads my blogs, know I’m liberal and I’m supportive of most liberal causes.  But there are a few things I’m not liberal about and one of those is Welfare.  Don’t get me wrong; I’m supportive of general relief, meaning a very temporary program to help those who fall between the cracks.

I do mean temporary though; not a few years or even a few months – a month or two at the most. After that money is gone, then I believe we should have a government provided work program that offers a low wage community based jobs program to any able-bodied person who needs help.

I also believe with this program we should provide a very extensive day care program, which also can be filled by those out of work and are qualified to work with children.

We have parks that could use beautification, government buildings that could be cleaned by workers instead of hiring permanent government workers.  Those who don’t wish to join work programs and doesn’t want to work doing these community types of jobs can find help in the private sector by a church or other non-profit organization, or get a regular job.

We as liberals are criticized for supporting a welfare system that has encouraged a segment of our society to freeload by collecting government handouts. This criticism is not unfounded and we need to step up to the plate and do something positive toward ending welfare as we know it, not wait until conservatives pass laws to enforce drug testing on welfare recipients and find other ways to block welfare handouts.

We need to encourage those who aren’t physically disabled to work and be responsible for themselves in this country. Being dependent on the government to support oneself does not promote self-esteem but instead encourages a sense of entitlement that isn’t earned.

All my life I’ve worked. There is only one time that I accepted general relief and that was very short-lived. I’ve never been without a job for more than a month in my life.  I was taught since childhood that a person is worthy of their hire by the sweat of their brow and that is instilled in me. I don’t feel it’s wrong to take charity if someone needs it but charity should be very temporary or else it encourages slothfulness. We as a society need to be better than that and we need to be a society that always provides work to its citizens when the private sector fails to.

This will also lower the unemployment rate which is important for our economy. If this is coming from liberals it will put a stopper on conservatives calling us “bleeding hearts”. Of course knowing conservatives, if liberals took up the cause to end welfare, they would suddenly want to support welfare just to be on the other side of the coin with liberals, such as their once-support of the health care mandate which now they’re against.

I do believe that many progressive liberals like me, don’t care for the welfare system as is anyway but unlike conservatives, we know that it’s far from being the most serious problem facing this country. Corporate Welfare is to me much more of a problem when taxpayer dollars are going to wealthy interests so that they can afford to continue to give each other huge bonuses, such as what happened after the banking bailout during the last days of the Bush administration.

Still, comprehensive welfare reform will help this country get back on its feet along with helping many of our citizens get back on their feet, and with self-esteem.

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