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Liberals Fed Up With Listening to Anti-Obama Rhetoric from the Right

I believe I speak for many of my fellow liberals when I say this; please leave our president alone. We are tired of the made-up garbage from conservative corners that constantly berates our president. You would think President Obama just came straight out of the bowels of Hell and placed himself miraculously into the Oval Office.

I grow really irritated when I hear people like former governor John Sununu of New Hampshire spouting out words that are so disrespectful not only of President Obama but that of the Office of the United States President. He should never forget that a good majority of Americans elected Barack Obama into that office and many of us still strongly support him and will do the best we can to see that he’s reelected for another four years.

Mr. Sununu said that he wished that the president “would learn how to be an American.”

I would like to ask any American how they would feel for someone to say to them “Why don’t you learn how to be an American?” personally I would bite back with a vengeance. I was born in the good old U.S. of A. and there’s no one going to tell me I need to learn how to be an American. What kind of question is that anyway?

What John Sununu is doing is continuing to imply that Obama really just isn’t one of us; he’s foreigner. This is just another protraction of the Birther movement.

What this man, John Sununu is doing – which by the way is a Romney top Surrogate – is continuing the big lie or the conspiracy theory; that Obama is not really born here and so he’s really not the legitimate president of the United States.

This is something that is deeply bigoted, mainly because the whole reason the conspiracy theory exists is because the President’s name happens to be “Barak Hussein Obama” and he also happens to be black, all the other evidence is circumstantial at best.

Mr. Sununu eventually apologized after some pressure to do so, but I doubt he means it.

As far as how someone like me, a Democrat, a Liberal – but not someone who thinks all Republicans or even conservatives are bad people; I certainly have conservative friends, even ones who except me for being gay. But those friends don’t say those kinds of things about our president nor do they believe them.

Decent people who are conservative also have seen the assault upon this president in an unprecedented way. Even if they still oppose President Obama for his policies, they have no dislike of the man himself. Still, they’ll probably vote for Mitt Romney, no matter how much they disapprove of the treatment their party leaders have given our president.

When confronted by the attacks on our president, Republicans always like to remind us of the treatment George W. Bush received by Liberals. For one thing, George W. Bush’s Americanism was never questioned. And for another, Bush never dealt with any kind of bigotry because of his race, at least not to my knowledge.

I cannot say for certain but I believe President Obama will be reelected to a second term; at least all the polls are pointing that way at this point in the race to November. If he is reelected, I would hope we could find a way to get past all of these attacks upon his character. I really doubt it, instead we’ll be moving into another phase of attacks; impeachment proceedings – they will never stop.

I understand Republicans’ desire to end Obama’s presidency and gain back the White House, but they need to understand something; they had twelve years of a Republican congress and eight years of a Republican president, both at the same time. They pushed their agenda down our throats; trickle-down economics, tax cuts for millionaires and two wars, all unpaid for. They had their chance and they messed it up, badly, we ended up in the worse financial crisis since the Great Depression. And now they want to continue down that same road; I don’t think so.

This president deserves a chance. He is an American, just as much as you and me. We were headed for disaster when he took the White House and we’re now on a slow pace to recovery, but many of us also knew it would take some time; the hole was very deep that George W. Bush drove us into.

Four more years under Obama I believe will be better than the first, even if the personal attack continue, because I’ve learned one thing about this president that impresses me more than anything else, and that is his tenacity and courage to stand tall, even as vile things are said about him. I admire that in any person because it shows fortitude, a very good virtue for anyone, let alone a president.

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