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The ‘Liberal Redneck’ NAILS Trump’s Reason For NFL Protest Outrage

By now you’ve seen at least one video by the hilarious Trae Crowder, who goes by the name “The Liberal Redneck.” If not, you can imagine what his schtick is: Taking a persona and accent that is normally associated with Republicans and conservatives and reclaiming it for those who still call themselves rednecks but don’t vote for assholes.

His latest video is on the NFL protests that have swept across the league and into the eyes and ears of America. Normally it could be argued that if a protest is being talked about by everyone, including the president of the United States, it’s accomplished its purpose. Unfortunately, Donald Trump has hijacked the message of professional football players attempting to address the very real problems of police brutality and injustice for people of color in America. He has in fact, impossibly, said that race isn’t even a factor in the protests, despite the fact that every player kneeling during the national anthem going all the way back to Colin Kaepernick, who started the movement, has been explicit about their intentions:

But let’s set aside the potential illegality of Trump using his position of authority to call for people to be fired on political grounds for a moment. Let’s stop thinking, just for a moment, about the hypocrisy of a president using the power of his office to argue against the First Amendment. In fact, I’ll even let it go that Crowder seems to have already picked up a Raiders jersey, despite having just moved to California at the beginning of the year.

Let’s instead focus on what’s really going on with the backlash to the protests, which the Liberal Redneck absolutely nails:

[Trump] realized that what’s really important to his base, what truly matters, is frequent, spontaneous opportunities to be explicitly racist in public. That’s it.”

Crowder points out that Trump brought up the topic seemingly out of the blue, until you think about the time and place that he said it. He was in the deep south, talking to conservative voters, in a state that produced an Attorney General once considered too racist to be a federal judge. If you had a picture in your head when I mentioned who Crowder was reclaiming the word “redneck” from, those are the people Trump was talking to on September 22nd when he called protesting players “sons of bitches.”

Trae goes into a bit on “disrespecting the flag,” which has since the NFL controversy began. He touches on how the folks outraged about “disrespecting the troops” seemed to be fine when Trump was mocking and insulting former POW John McCain and the Gold Star Family of a slain soldier. Then he addresses the racists who are up in arms directly:

You can’t stand it when they kneel, because you want ’em laying down.”

Watch the epic video here:

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