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Let's talk EMAILS and scandal but REAL Corruption !

rick scott

Rick Scott !   What a sleaze and embarrasement.  The latest headlines are all about Florida.   We have to get out the vote because this jerk is on the short list for VP for Trump.   Mika cut him off the air this morning when he (as usual) would not answer a question about asking his good friend Trump to walk back statements on Islam and Muslims.  The smiling fool kept saying, “ Florida is a Melting Pot”.    Now we Floridans are paying for for emails and violation of State Law according to many.

The next time the media or Republicans attack Hillary or question Bernie about her emails… This counterpunch should be the first thing out of their mouths.  Why is the FBI not investigating Scott?  He has major Email problems and charging them to the State.   I think Hillary and Bernie just picked up a pivot.

TALLAHASSEE — Gov. Rick Scott has agreed to pay a Tallahassee lawyer $700,000 in taxpayer money to settle seven public records lawsuits alleging he and members of his staff violated state law when they created email accounts to shield their communications from state public records laws and then withheld the documents.

Why in the Hell is no one talking about THESE EMAILS?   I am a Bernie supporter but these are emails worth talking about !

We have the likes of Florida Gun Supply owner doing videos for Get out the Trump vote.. You remember?   The Zimmerman embracing Muslim hating Gun shop owner.   I see all kinds of things in this Melting Pot and Corruption and Fraud and Hate is the number #1 selling point for Scott.  He is a criminal but stupid does not stop or start at the Florida  State line.   The reason Scott won’t endorse is because as Mika said, “ his endorsement does not mean anything” but Mika is wrong.   He would kill a campaign I believe.  Then again, maybe it would boost the haters.   Someone put this asshole in office and believe it ...He is all in for Trump.  I just don’t get it.  How is he able to still be in Tallahassee as the Head of Florida.

If there is one thing that should motivate you to get up and vote for our Dem tickets… This  should be your motivator.  The ball caps should read MAKE AMERICA FLORIDA….because people… that is exactly what a republican run country will look like and guess what...YOU get to pick up the tab like we all are doing down here in Florida… A tab for hate and corruption.

Scott refusing to answer questions on Trump.

MSNBC Cuts Off Florida Governor’s Mic After He Refuses To Denounce Islamophobia