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Let’s Get Ready to Crumble

A climate change denier at the EPA. An anti-worker fast food exec at Labor. Ben Carson in charge of anything. And now the WWE exec at Small Business. A team to tear down our functioning government.

Tax cuts that will bankrupt our country. Attacks on healthcare to leave us uninsured. A full-frontal assault on civil liberties, voting rights, free press, free speech. An agenda to topple our nation’s strengths.

But a growing movement against his mandate, an increasing popular victory for Clinton, fights against appointees and Muslim registries, against conflicts of interest and tearing up healthcare. In short a resistance on the rise.

Trump’s assembling a team that will bumble, and would get us as a nation ready to crumble. But as they say at his beloved wrestling matches, “Let’s get ready to rumble.”

Ready to fight, or just find comfort for the night, raise your spirits and a pint or two at your local progressive social club.

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