As the old song said, "I fall in love too easily". I'm hopelessly in love with five cashiers who work at various establishments in the small town in which I live. I'm had-over-heals smitten with four actresses (two of whom were named "Hepburn", all of whom are deceased). I'm in love with every woman that I consider a close friend. These are not intense, amorous obsessions, mind you, merely harmless, schoolboy crushes. There are only two politicians that I've ever fallen in love with. 
One is the congresswoman from Maryland, Donna Edwards; the other is the distinguished senator from the great state of Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren. When she first came into my consciousness a little over a decade ago, it was all over as far as I was concerned. We're talkin' love at first sight here, folks. She had me at "hello". This is why I went into a blind rage a few nights ago when Liz was censored on the floor of the senate by uber-bastard, Mitch McConnell, for reading a letter written by the late Coretta Scott King into the record. He said that Ms. King's words, committed to the congressional record over thirty years ago, were a violation of "Rule Number Nineteen", a "slander" upon the character of Jeff Sessions, the avowed White Supremacist who is now our attorney general.
Coretta's letter, which caused poor old Mitch to collapse into a state of spastic apoplexy, was written in 1986, when a much younger Jefferson Beauregard Sessions was Ronald Reagan's nominee for a federal judgeship. Given his history of racist behavior, his nomination was an assault upon the senses of the widow of the good doctor. Most of the members of the congress agreed - including a good many Republicans. Sessions was given the ol' heave-ho.
Weep no more, my lady
O weep no more today
We will sing a song for my old Kentucky home
For my old Kentucky home far away
I won't rehash my feelings regarding old Mitch at this time. When commenting on him I tend to get a little out-of-control with my feelings. I have fantasized on this site about confronting him in some decrepit, back alley somewhere in the District-of-You-Know-Where and pounding the corrupt little freak to the very edge of eternity. My maternal forbears all hailed from the Blue Grass State and Indiana (Mike Pence's home turf). These two ancestral connections, at one time anyway, made me proud. I am profoundly ashamed and embarrassed by the connection today. I'm also distantly related to Roger Brook Taney - the chief justice of the United States Supreme Court whom, in 1857, wrote the Dred Scott decision - the worst ruling in the history of this diseased republic. The older I get, the more painfully obvious it is  becoming to me that my heritage sucks. One of my ancestors evicted the family of a very young Abraham Lincoln from the land on which he was born. Another of my relatives was Dr. Samuel Mudd, the man who patched-up the broken ankle of John Wilkes Booth in the hours after he murdered the great emancipator. You can only imagine my embarrassment. I'm descended from a long line of  assholes and rascals.
Hang down your head, Tom Degan.
The following day, other senators (all of them male) read Coretta's words into the record. None of them were prevented from completing their remarks. That is not to imply that Mitch's actions the previous evening were sexist (although he is, indeed, a shameless sexual bigot) it is merely that, by the following day, he had come to understand the gravity of the mistake he had made. By the time the sun rose the next morning, Elizabeth Warren was America's newest political superstar. As was once observed: There is no such thing as bad publicity.
Liz Warren is a godsend for many reasons - and one of those reasons is the fact that she drives the right wing in this country completely nuts. She was, in fact, my choice to be the Dem's nominee in 2016. Not to my surprise, that idiotic party blew it - yet again. Had she or Bernie Sanders been nominated last summer, either one of them would have destroyed Donald Trump at the polls on Election Day. Instead, they chose to cast their lot with Hillary Clinton, a candidate so inherently flawed, she was unable to defeat a common pervert like Donald Trump. On second thought, weep, my lady....
Idiot Nation.
Tom Degan
Goshen, NY
Here is a YouTube link to listen to Martin Luther King's speech in New York City, delivered on April 4,1967, one year before he died, at Riverside Church in New York City.
He spoke to us then. He speaks to us still.