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Lebron James HUMILIATES Donald Trump In Defense Of Stephen Curry

Donald Trump just got dunked on.

On Saturday morning, Trump threw a temper tantrum because Stephen Curry of the NBA Champion Golden State Warriors said he does not want to visit the White House.

Curry made the statement on Friday while speaking to reporters.

In response, Trump whined and withdrew the invite because he thinks anyone should be honored to meet him.

Well, despite the fact that Curry and the Warriors defeated him for the NBA Championship earlier this year, Cleveland Cavaliers star Lebron James absolutely humiliated Trump in defense of his rival.

That’s right. James called Trump a bum and mocked him for withdrawing an invite that had already been rejected. And then he humiliated Trump by making it clear that Trump ruins the honor of being at the White House.

And that’s just the truth. Many New England Patriots players declined to be “honored” by Trump at the White House earlier this year. And the Chicago Cubs snubbed Trump entirely by visiting the White House during President Obama’s final months in office rather than waiting until after Trump took office.

Now it appears that the Golden State Warriors are going to reject Trump’s invite entirely in order to support their star player. And it wouldn’t be surprising if other teams from other sports start snubbing Trump as well, especially from the NBA and NFL.

While Curry was declining the invite on Friday night, Trump insulted NFL players by calling them “sons of bitches” for kneeling during the national anthem and called for them to be fired for exercising their right to free speech and expression.

Now we can expect Trump to throw a temper tantrum about Lebron James. After all, this is basically what James did to Trump.

Featured Image: Win McNamee/Getty Images