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Lawmakers Just Filed A Lawsuit Against The Trump Administration; This Is Big

As if the end of 2016 couldn’t get any worse for Donald Trump’s presidency, he is now facing even more legal woes aside from his imploding Russia investigation and numerous other lawsuits.

The most recent legal issue, which is just the tip of the iceberg for Trump at this moment, is the fact that Democrats on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee have just filed a lawsuit against Trump’s administration regarding documents related to his Washington, D.C. Trump International Hotel. The lawsuit is being championed by ranking member Rep.  (R-Md.) and was filed earlier today, stating that the Trump administration is withholding critical hotel documents.

This lawsuit is not just about a hotel in Washington D.C. This is about the President defying a federal statute and denying our ability as Members of Congress to fulfill our constitutional duty to act as a check on the Executive Branch.”

These Democrats are trying to get to the bottom of several shady operations by the hotel, which includes foreign payments to the hotel, as well as documents on the General Service Administration’s (GSA) that the hotel was in “full compliance” with its lease, which prevents elected officials from receiving benefits. In a , the lawmakers said that the documents would allow them to see if Trump was using his presidency for “private gain” and would show whether or not the hotel was “receiving payments from foreign governments or officials.”
So far, the GSA has not cooperated with any requests for documents. Cummings pointed out just how strange and different this behavior was when he said:
Under the previous administration, this exact same agency — GSA — explicitly recognized our authority under this exact same statute — the Seven Member statute — and produced documents on this exact same issue — the Trump Hotel. But all that stopped on January 20. There is one thing, and one thing only, that has changed in this case — President Trump is now sitting in the Oval Office.”

Under the “Seven Member” statute, a federal agency is required to hand over documents when seven members of the committee have requested them. Cummings pointed the finger at House Oversight Chairman (R-S.C), stating that Gowdy and several other members of the GOP were “aiding and abetting President Trump’s ongoing abuses.”

Republicans are essentially walling off President Trump from credible congressional oversight.”

Trump and his corrupt administration will have 60 days to respond to this lawsuit.

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