Laura Ingraham Just Ended Her RNC Speech With A Hitler Salute–And The Crowd Went Wild (VIDEO) | THE POLITICUS

Laura Ingraham Just Ended Her RNC Speech With A Hitler Salute–And The Crowd Went Wild (VIDEO)

We’ve all seen the pictures of Trumpsters doing the Hitler salute. In some cases, it seems almost like it’s just an opportunistic camera shot. In others, it’s as obvious as the comb-over on Trump’s head. And then there’s this.

Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham dealt yet another few minutes of nonsense to a huge crowd of white people in Cleveland otherwise known as the Republican National Convention. Ingraham spent 17 minutes drilling conservative rhetoric into the heads of people who have no more room in their heads for rhetoric.

She covers it all. Just listening to her speak will make your skin crawl. She pulls out all the stops, from flag burners to emails to cop killers to…emails. Yes, it turns into emails and anti-Clinton because you can only say “we need borders” and “Donald Trump is a businessman” for about three minutes before you have to move on.

Where do you go from there? Why…Ronald Reagan, of course.

This woman has one thing going for her. She knows how to stir up the stupid. But in the end, her loyalty and her intentions for “supporting” Donald Trump were made perfectly clear:

Some will say, “Oh, that’s just her waving to the crowd. Unfortunately, it’s not. If you watch her mannerisms you can clearly see that the Nazi salute is defined. Or at least it would be if there was, say, a giant picture of Donald Trump for her to be heiling:

I have to admit when I first saw that I thought it was photoshopped, but it most certainly is not. Laura Ingraham, in front of the whitest crowd since the Academy Awards and on national television, turned and gave Donald Trump her best “Heil Hitler.”

It was almost as if 17 minutes of her spewing every right-wing talking point about how weak our military is and how the world doesn’t respect us wasn’t enough to satisfy the Neanderthalian crowd of knuckledraggers. The 5 percent unemployment rate that most economists consider “full employment” somehow translates to half of America being out of work. Hillary Clinton Benghazi emails illegals aliens wall criminals cop killers 9/11 terrorists Ronald Reagan Iran. Before the salute, the ignorance was already mind-numbingly strong.

Yes, it really is just about that easy to be a conservative personality. It also helps if you have pretty blonde hair.