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Kim Jong-Un HUMILIATES Trump By Making Him Look Like A Crazier Leader In Response To United Nations Remarks

It’s official. North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un is now a less insane and irresponsible world leader than Donald Trump.

In yet another example of how Trump has embarrassed the United States and turned our country into an international joke, Kim Jong-Un responded to Trump’s warmongering speech at the United Nations with that makes himself look like the adult in the room.

“I expected he would make stereo-typed, prepared remarks a little different from what he used to utter in his office on the spur of the moment as he had to speak on the world’s biggest official diplomatic stage,” Jong-Un said. “But, far from making remarks of any persuasive power that can be viewed to be helpful to defusing tension, he made unprecedented rude nonsense one has never heard from any of his predecessors.”

Indeed, as you may recall, Trump threatened to wipe North Korea off the map, a move that would require the extermination of over 25 million people. And he did so all while referring to Kim Jong-Un as “Rocket Man.”

“The United States has great strength and patience, but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea,” Trump said. “Rocket Man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime.”

Keep in mind that Trump said this to an organization dedicated to world peace.

And Kim Jong-Un schooled him for it, comparing Trump’s inflammatory threats to a dog barking.

A frightened dog barks louder.

I’d like to advise Trump to exercise prudence in selecting words and to be considerate of whom he speaks to when making a speech in front of the world.

The mentally deranged behavior of the U.S. president openly expressing on the UN arena the unethical will to “totally destroy” a sovereign state, beyond the boundary of threats of regime change or overturn of social system, makes even those with normal thinking faculty think about discretion and composure.

His remarks remind me of such words as “political layman” and “political heretic” which were in vogue in reference to Trump during his presidential election campaign.

After taking office Trump has rendered the world restless through threats and blackmail against all countries in the world. He is unfit to hold the prerogative of supreme command of a country, and he is surely a rogue and a gangster fond of playing with fire, rather than a politician.

Seriously. Trump just got owned by Kim Jong-Un. If the point of Trump’s pissing contest with North Korea was to prove that he is the most insane and most irresponsible world leader, he succeeded. Kim Jong-Un’s response was more adult than childish Trump will ever be. It is little wonder why America’s reputation around the world has been sullied. If anything, Trump is at least supposed to act better than a crazy ruthless dictator. But Kim Jong-Un’s response makes it clear that Trump can’t even do that right. And that’s a stain on the office of the presidency that will be hard to wash out.

Featured Image: Drew Angerer/Getty Images