Khizr Khan Is Back And BRILLIANTLY Trolling Trump’s Scandalous White House (VIDEO) | THE POLITICUS

Khizr Khan Is Back And BRILLIANTLY Trolling Trump’s Scandalous White House (VIDEO)

During the 2016 election, Khizr Khan, a patriotic American who gave his son’s life for this great nation, became an unexpected political rock star at the Democratic National Convention. Khan took to the stage in Philadelphia and ripped Trump apart for his bigotry against Muslims and his ignorance of the Constitution. Now, we are a little more than 100 days into Trump’s scandal-ridden tenure as a wannabe “president,” and Mr. Khan is .

As Trump and the White House are reeling from the orange man’s latest outrage, Mr. Khan has taken to the stage at the Center for American Progress to once again speak out to Donald Trump. He reignited his 2016 invitation to Trump to read the Constitution, saying during his Tuesday speech:

My offer to Donald Trump to read the Constitution remains standing.”

“One more time, he has proven that he is unfamiliar with the basic tenets of democracy, our values.”

“We do make mistakes, like last election. We have made a mistake. We will correct it. We are correcting it. Maybe this is an opportunity for all patriots to come together, all patriots to join hands.”

Mr. Khan then had a message for The Resistance:

People ask me: ‘What do you advise under the current circumstances?’ This is my humble suggestion to all of us … Under these circumstances, all of us patriots need to remain standing in unity, support one another, continue to speak louder.”

Mr. Khan is correct. We have made a mistake. Hopefully, the republic and the Constitution are strong enough to withstand it, for the mistake of electing Donald Trump is a grave one. We all knew that he was unfit, that he is the demagogue the Founders so feared. Yet, here we are. Therefore, we would all do well to listen to Mr. Khan, and support Democrats who will stand against this madness, and, most important of all, continue to #RESIST.

Watch Mr. Khan’s speech below:

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