“My number one priority as Sen. Minority Leader is to make Obama a one-term POTUS,” declared (R) Ky. Sen. Mitch McConnell. In the annals of Congressional irresponsibility, he catapulted to well-deserved membership in the U.S. Senate “Hall of Shame!” As a Deep Blue ideologue & agitator, I personally could not be more pleased.

As an American citizen, I sincerely wish he had been wiser.

Working with rather than against newly elected President Barak Obama surely would have demonstrated commitment to the best interests of - We the People. Instead, Sen. McConnell chose political infighting amidst the crises of an economic disaster, two wars, and unresolved issues regarding national security, immigration, health care, education, environmental concerns and a plethora of social upheaval tearing the U.S. apart. Unfortunately, for a nation in the throes of one its darkest hours, the (R) Sen. Minority leader [?] - chose to serve the interests of his largest campaign donors while ignoring the needs of Kentuckians and fellow Americans.

The Congressional record, Wikipedia, and the largest newspapers in his home state of Kentucky corroborate the veracity of the above claim. Please fact check it so that there is no disputatious clamor. Journalistic integrity demands accuracy, and this should include commentary decidedly partisan. The truth has a way of garnering far more attention than inventive semantic witticisms.

His 2008/2009 low light cannot be re-stated often enough. Because to large degree the responsibilities of public service are easily flouted. Elections hijacked with financial resources. McConnell understands this as well or better than his peers do. Lobbyists delivering votes in the form of campaign finance court him. In a town where corruption, scandal and licentious behavior is expected, it pays to have an open door policy. A door behind which corporate interests find an open hand.

Those whom supply D.C.’s precious commodity, campaign resources, are always welcome. Is it any wonder that the electorate has grown ever more cynical and disenchanted with elected officialdom et al? The will of the people is only as important as the unwitting voter who mindlessly sends the same mediocrity back to Capitol Hill repeatedly.

Nevertheless, the public is angry and in a way not seen for some time. I do not believe for even a second that the vociferous antipathy visiting twitter and other social media platforms is the standard by which voter turnout may be projected. Those voices are defiant, determined and fully engaged. This is not likely to translate to unprecedented participation for the rest of eligible voters. Historical statistics speak even louder than the “twitter-verse” and the “blog-o-sphere.” . . . or do they? Hmm?

Non-partisan academics see a rising tide while pundits remain blinded by their own self-proclaimed expertise. The question remains one of whether or not the hostility encircling the electorate is enough to defy the logic that says, “Most folks never turn out for the mid-terms.”

However, in 2014 “McShame” succeeded in one thing only. The man I see as a soon to be former Senator dug his own political grave. Kentuckians are frustrated with the tactics employed by Sen. “NO.” His obstructionist strategy may very well be McConnell’s undoing. Voters are tired of the nothing shall be done GOP crescendo. That is at the heart of tempers flaring in a year when voters unexpected to cast ballots spells the difference between winners and losers.

In Kentucky, there are far more registered Democratic Party voters compared to Republican. Alison has name recognition, financial resources, and a powerful grass-roots coalition of women, minorities, college students, liberals, white-collar professionals, and the traditional Kentucky Democrat who very well may defy historical precedent. Mid-term elections are usually a cakewalk for powerful incumbents. McConnell, despite his missteps remains a formidable foe.  

This observer is placing his wager on Alison, despite major polls and pundits that show McConnell retains a slight edge. Simultaneously, an ebb and flow places the incumbent in dangerous places. On more than one occasion as Election Day draws ever near, his lead significantly diminished or vanished completely. We are witnessing an electoral tug-of-war in the Bluegrass State. Will the Democratic challenger beat the odds? Alison represents the winning thoroughbred in this race in my opinion. My wager says she beats McConnell like a magnificent filly channeling “Man-of-War.”

Even conservative right wing media goliath, the WSJ cited the significant financial wealth Sen. McConnell accumulated during his long tenure in D.C., the District of Corruption. One wonders if this makes his imminent departure with “questionable” $windfall the result of his pit bull politics for hire? As all else on Capitol Hill, “cash cows” capitalize accordingly, every cent eventually paid for by us, the tax paying public. 

It is more than fair to reiterate, lest we never forget, his now infamous declarative priority placed hatred of Obama lengths ahead of - the needs of a nation in tatters. Making this years’ losing race to (D) challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes deliverance of justice. As of this date, political blather continue to predict a close race with her standing a chance of winning.

HAH, the very same political pros were wrong about ‘08 & ‘12 along with a host of other losing predictions. Our current Prez & Veep resoundingly defeated first McCain & running mate “you’ve got to be kidding hokey mum.” Four years later trouncing Team Mutt/Riot. In racist nation USA, Obama/Biden pulled off political miracles.

Well, I have great news for the American people & the planet earth. The good people of the beautiful state of Kentucky shall soon provide a momentous game changer!

Like “Secretariat” gloriously bringing a wildly excited crowd to its feet – here comes ALISON, charging home with a win-win for (D)’s & (R)’s alike. Huh, both? Sure, because she is everything we love in our champions: Grace, intelligence, fairness, integrity, enviable work ethic, and charisma . . . a peoples’ champion.

This great victory shall result from her fine qualities and qualifications – as compared to the disastrous legislative record of her soon to be vanquished opponent.


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Free-lance author and social activist Jay H. Berman creates Jays Jewels. His disability makes appearance in print infrequent. He occasionally contributes to and formerly served as Assoc. Editor at

Jay has worked at TIME, The Miami Herald, and the and contributed to PBS online. Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Power of Positive includes his short story, “Saved From Myself” and in Chicken Soup for the Soul, Reboot Your Life he authored another short story entitled, “Starting All Over.”