Kellyanne Conway Just Retweeted A White Supremacist, Gives The Most PATHETIC Excuse (TWEET) | THE POLITICUS

Kellyanne Conway Just Retweeted A White Supremacist, Gives The Most PATHETIC Excuse (TWEET)

Donald Trump has become infamous for retweeting and sharing messages from white supremacists on social media, so it should come as no surprise that those closest to him would have picked up on that disgusting habit.

Earlier today, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway took a page out of Trump’s book and – and then blatantly denied it just like her boss would have.

When a seemingly pro-Trump Twitter account called “Lib Hypocrisy” showered praise on Conway for dealing with the “vile hatred, bigotry and sexism of the unhinged Left,” Conway quickly wrote back “Love you back. Happy Valentine’s Day to all the Hapless Haters.”

Of course, Conway sharing and sending messages to “haters” is nothing new, but if you look closer at the “Lib Hypocrisy” page, you’ll see that the account’s description says things like #WhiteIdentity and #Nationalist. To make things even more weird, when someone comes forward to say the account is “white nationalist,” the owners denies it and cries “libel,” despite the fact that this racist tweet perfectly expresses what most of the account’s content usually ends up saying:

Of course, when Conway was asked about her supportive response to the tweet, Conway told Buzzfeed that it wasn’t her – someone had mysteriously taken over her Twitter account. She also said she “did not know who had access to her Twitter account:”

“I’ve never heard of Lib Hypocrisy obviously. I denounce whoever it is. I’m going to find out who’s tweeting it. It will be immediately deleted. Everybody makes mistakes.”

This is just another one of Conway’s alternative facts, obviously. Trump and his team have a serious issue with accountability and have had way too many instances just like this one to try and make a believable argument that someone had hacked their Twitter account. Either Conway is extremely reckless on social media (also much like her boss), or she actually knowingly retweeted a white supremacist and is now just trying to cover her a** because she got called out. Either way, her lack of accountability and honesty is truly pathetic.

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