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Kellyanne Conway Crumbles, Gets Shut Down By CNN Host After Insane Gun Control Rant (VIDEO)

As with any time that Donald Trump royally f*cks up, he sent out his favorite mouthpiece, advisor Kellyanne Conway, to clean up after sounding like an insensitive jerk in Las Vegas. Unfortunately for Trump, that doesn’t always go as well as Trump wants it to, and we saw a glaring instance of that earlier this morning.

Earlier today, Conway went on CNN to defend Trump’s completely inadequate response to the Las Vegas shooting and his repulsive indifference to gun violence – and host Chris Cuomo was NOT having it.

During the interview, Conway went on an insane rant to distract people from focusing on Trump’s failures, bashing the media (and CNN) for spending to much time covering Trump’s Russia scandal – even though Cuomo had clearly asked her to talk about gun violence.

Conway’s diversion tactics went on for pretty much this entire interview. When Cuomo raised the issue of restricting access to certain firearms and brought up the fact that Trump pushed this very urgent conversation aside after the Las Vegas shooting, Conway responded with an attack on Hillary Clinton:

This conversation [about guns] wasn’t being had until tragedies like this strike by those who try to be the loudest voices. You see Hillary Clinton talking about herself, not talking about this. You see her rushing to judgement the other day on Twitter, while people are still looking through the rubble, searching the hospital for their missing loved ones, trying to politicize it.”

Then, Conway went on to attack other major political figures such as Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), before eventually bashing CNN:

Your obsession with Russia has been to the exclusion of this conversation.”

But today, Cuomo was NOT in the mood for Conway’s bullsh*t. Visibly frustrated and annoyed, Cuomo began to reply “Kellyanne, a lot of this just doesn’t wash” – right before giving her the reality check she truly needed.

You can watch Cuomo brilliantly call out Trump and Conway below:

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