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Kelly Westlund is one step closer. #TeamKelly

Kelly Westlund is one step closer to being a part of Congress that our President and our country needs to get things done. Kelly has successfully won her primary and will now move on to the general election where she will face Tea Party incumbent, Rep. Sean Duffy. You remember Sean Duffy; the former Real World reality show participant and the guy who said he was . That is just one example of how out of touch Duffy is with the real struggles every day Americans endure.

Sean Duffy is a part of the obstructionist congress that has our government at a near standstill. Our country can no longer put up with the do-nothing congress. America has real issues that require real solutions, put forth by legislators who want to see our country move forward, not backwards.

One way we can help Kelly defeat Duffy in November is by making sure the public gets to know her better. Kelly’s campaign isn’t a “My opponent is terrible, so you should vote for me” type campaign. Kelly is running for congress to actually make a difference in people’s lives. She believes in creating jobs and women’s issues (right to make her own decisions, equal pay for equal work). By vaulting Kelly’s name and her positions, she will be better suited to defeat Sean Duffy and become a productive member of our congress.

So, beginning at 6pm we are asking that you tweet using #TeamKelly to share why you support Kelly and her ideas on how we can make our country better for all of us, not just for the well-off. You can see a list of Kelly’s positions on various issues on

Increasing Kelly’s exposure will help her compete against a Tea Party opponent who relies on about 60% of his campaign contributions from outside of Wisconsin. Our country deserves better legislators and better results to address the many issues we face. Kelly Westlund can be one of those legislators. She needs our help. Below are few sample tweets:

Thanks . for fighting for a woman’s right to make her own decisions. Smart decisions are made with women at the table. #TeamKelly

I’m proud to stand with . because women should earn equal pay for equal work. Let’s get to work, and elect . #TeamKelly

I’m supporting . because no one should work full time and struggle to make ends meet. We need family-supporting jobs. #TeamKelly

Kelly . fights for a living wage because everyone should have an equal opportunity to succeed. I’m on #TeamKelly.

I’m on #TeamKelly b/c she’s not afraid to stand up to powerful interests on behalf of working people. Stand with . this November


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