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Keep talking Donny boy, it's killing you.

     You know, it’s little wonder why Trumpenstein has so much trouble winning lawsuits. First of all, he’s full of shit and impulsive. Second, he can’t keep his mouth his big, fat mouth shut long enough for his lawyers to try to make lemonade out of lemons. And what works in a court of law can work just as well in a court of public opinion.

     The best thing about Der Trumpkopf is that he never knows when to bail or quit. He says something wonderfully stupid, and then, when called on it, he doubles down. Now he’s at it again. And in doing so he’s channeling one of his favorite surrogates.

     Trump’s delusional tweet that Obama had wire tapped him during the election was a nightmare, and both the GOP and the White House knew it. Sean Spicer tried to shut it down, stating on Sunday that the WH would have no further comment. But Trump was thrilled. To Mein Furor, words have no other meaning than what he want’s them to have. What he wanted was a distraction, and that’s what he got. The problem is that the distraction got out of control. Hell, Trump doesn’t take what he’s saying seriously, why in the hell should anybody else.

     Sean Spicer may be trying to clamp a lid on this, but da Boss is more than happy to keep it alive and well. And he recently told his faithful lap dog Bret Baier at Cluster Fox that he believes that there will be some very interesting items related to this coming out over the next couple of weeks.

     Trump is of course channeling his boot lackey the unsinkable Rudy G. Let’s see, how did that work out for Rudy? Hey, he’s 2 for 2 here! In response to the genesis of the travel ban EO, Rudy explained that Trump wanted him to make his Muslim ban legal for the order. The courts took Trump and Rudy at their words, ruled the ban discriminatory, and found it unconstitutional. Then, who else but Rudy bragged about a looming catastrophe coming for the Clinton campaign, and viola, two days later the DNC dump on Wikileaks. But now everybody wanted to know how Rudy knew in advance about a Russian hack leak being dumped to Wikileaks.

     And now the Tiny Fists Diktator has decided to try his puny hand at prognostication. This can only end a couple of ways. First, nothing relevant happens in the next couple of weeks, and Trump looks even more laughable than before, and further enrages his ego. Second, Comey or someone else can release relevant information, and people want to know how Trump became aware of this, since his stated realms of knowledge was a NY Times report, a Breitbart article and a Bret Baier segment. Also, why not just declassify the information and release it when he was asked. But by far and away the nightmare scenario would be another Wikileaks dump with relevant info over the next two weeks. He and his campaign are already under a microscope, and a “Babe Ruth calling his shot” on something like this would just pour kerosene onto the fire.

     If you want to do yourself a favor, you’ll STFU, ditch your twitter, and keep your head down while everybody else in your world tries to clean up your mess. But if you want to do us a favor, keep yakking away, you’re just digging the pit deeper and deeper.