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Just What We Feared: N. Korea Calls Trump Tweets ‘Declaration Of War,’ Prepares To Down Planes

After Donald Trump’s casual social media threat of nuclear annihilation toward North Korea on Saturday, it was unclear if he thought they were listening or not. I’m sure Trump assumes everyone is always listening to him. But if he posted this knowing that North Korea was watching, then news from the Hermit Kingdom in Pyongyang Monday morning couldn’t have been a surprise.

Ri Yong Ho’s address to the UN made clear that use of nukes was not Pyongyang’s “first option.” But in his speech, given shortly after Trump flew B-1B and F-15 aircraft over the northwestern Sea of Japan, which are international waters, Ri told the assembly that Trump’s constant insults would make it “inevitable” that North Korea would fire rockets directly at the United States.

Now the Washington Post’s Philip Bump is reporting that at a Monday press conference, Ri Yong Ho said Trump’s response was “clearly” a declaration of war:

The area east of North Korea is the farthest north that American bombers and fighters have ever flown.

It’s not clear whether Pyongyang took Trump’s earlier comments at the UN assembly as part of the war declaration. But it certainly couldn’t have helped:

The United States has great strength and patience, but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea.”

Obviously, Trump’s remarks include the 25 million inhabitants of the tiny isolated country. That seems to not be a factor in Trump’s nonchalant threats of total nuclear destruction.

Featured image via South Korean Defense Ministry Handout/Getty Images

(US Fighters and Bombers over Korean Peninsula)