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John Legend Just Gave The Most Brilliant Response To Trump’s Paris Decision (TWEETS)

America has just been taken out of the Paris climate agreement, thanks to its undeserving, clueless, and incompetent POTUS.

The Paris Climate Accord was an agreement that several countries have united under to address the devastating issue of climate change, and Trump decided it wasn’t important enough to participate in – even though America is responsible for 40% of all greenhouse gas emissions on the planet. This will obviously have devastating consequences for the entire world.

While several world leaders have spoken out and condemned Trump for pulling out of the agreement, one of the best responses we’ve seen so far actually comes from musician John Legend. Legend expressed his thoughts on Trump’s decision perfectly and gave Americans a major kick in the a**. He tweeted:

“We have to stop this a**hole. This is urgent. You have to vote in 2018.”

We could not have said it better. If Democrats can change the political climate and take back Congress from the Republican Party in 2018, we might stand a chance to at least delay the damage. Yesterday, President of the EU Jean-Claude Juncker explained that leaving the agreement would take years to complete, even though Trump believes he can just do whatever the hell he wants. Juncker

The Americans can’t just leave the Climate Protection Agreement. Mr. Trump believes that because he doesn’t get close enough to the dossiers to fully understand them. It would take three to four years after the agreement came into force in November 2016 to leave the agreement. So this notion, ‘I am Trump, I am American, America First and I’m going to get out of it’ – that won’t happen.”

So technically, the United States cannot actually withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord until November 4th, 2020 – which means there still might be time to turn this around.

John Legend had the perfect response to light a fire under the a** of every American that is horrified about what Trump just did. We have a lot of work to do, and we need to make sure Trump doesn’t destroy America further.

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