John Edwards Jury selection hits a snag – Defendant found to be “completely unlikeable.” | THE POLITICUS

John Edwards Jury selection hits a snag – Defendant found to be “completely unlikeable.”

Jury selection has begun for the trial against former Democratic presidential candidate, John Edwards. Edwards is accused of mismanaging money during his 2008 presidential campaign, using some of the money that may have come from campaign donations to support his mistress and baby momma, Rielle Hunter.

After the first day of jury selection, defense attorneys expressed some concern over the fact that not one potential juror has been found that finds Edwards even remotely likeable. “Quite frankly,” said Edwards' attorney Bill Smith, “the problem here is John Edwards. His words, actions, thoughts, suspected thoughts, font preferences, favorite color, and everything else associated with him. Perhaps if we gave him an alias....?”

The issue of likeability was made clear during the interview of potential juror Jim McKenzie, who came into selection with a positive view of Edwards.

Prosecution: “Sir, do you know who John Edwards is?”

Jim Mckenzie: “Sure do! Presidential candidate, good American, great hair.”

P: “Sir, do you know why Mr. Edwards is in court today?”

JM: “Something about campaign money? Used it for something someone didn't want him to? Probably spent too much money on a stapler, right?”

P: “No sir, Mr. Edwards is accused of using campaign donations to provide his pregnant mistress with luxurious accommodations, private jets, and medical care with the goal of keeping her hidden from the public eye.”

JM: “Oh.........well, that's a family matter, right? I mean, that's between him and his wife.”

P: “Yes. But he lied to his wife about his relationship with Ms. Hunter and in fact denied being the father of their child.”

JM: “Hm. Well, ok. Mistakes were made, and everyone was able to forgive and forget and move on.”

P: “Except for his wife, who separated from him and then died of cancer months later.”

JM: “She had cancer?”

P: “Yes sir.”

JM: “And he still lied to her while she was dying? From cancer?”

P: “Yes sir.”

JM: “I object.”

P: “Sir, you cannot object. You are a potential juror.”

Testimony is scheduled is begin in the Edwards trial on April 23rd.