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Joe Walsh Just Called For A Race War And Obama’s Murder In The Dumbest Tweet Ever

Joe Walsh, former Illinois Congressman, has declared a race war. And directly threatened the President of the United States while doing so.

In response to the, where two snipers shot 11 police officers and killed 5, Walsh went to Twitter and absolutely lost his sh*t.

That’s the gem that Walsh actually felt compelled to/was smart enough to delete. Bad news though, Joe – you put that insane drivel on the internet. Congrats, it will live forever!


The dude is certifiably nuts – take a look at some of his for a refresher – and what has developed on his Twitter has been horrifying to witness. Like watching a car wreck. Or watching videos of cops murdering civilians. Leading off Walsh’s round of tweets, right before the Dallas incident took place, was “Hillary Clinton should be in prison.” Clearly, Walsh was in top form before anything even went down in Dallas on Thursday.

It makes sense, though. Two crazy people who are fed up with cops killing black men execution-style took matters into their own hands… so let’s threaten Barack Obama and anyone who supports Black Lives Matter. And that entire movement. Because ‘MURICA, d*amnit! Jee, who does this sound like? (Hint – his name rhymes with Chump.)

Without further ado, a look into the demented mind of Joe Walsh. Warning – this escalates quickly.

Is your mind blown yet? This lunatic wants to categorize the Black Lives Matter group as a hate group and declare all out war on them. Sounds like something Donald Trump (congrats if you guessed it!) would do – someone commits an unspeakable act, so let’s go after THEIR ENTIRE RACE as retribution.

How about you pull your head out of your ass, Joe. Take a Xanax, go to sleep, and shut the f*ck up.

While Twitter naturally exploded, television’s own Montel Williams absolutely annihilated Walsh and offered some suggestions of his own.

Well done, Montel. Well done. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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