Jefferson Davis Statue Will Stay In Kentucky State Capital 

Jefferson Davis Statue Will Stay In Kentucky State Capital

Seems that Jefferson Davis will retain his place of "honor" in the Kentucky state capital in Frankfort.

The Kentucky Historic Properties Advisory Commission voted 7-2 on Wednesday to retain the statue while also committing to improve educational components in the Capitol Rotunda about Davis and Kentucky’s role in the Civil War. One member abstained from voting.

All the Commission members are white, by the way.  

And this statue is at least 15 feet tall, according to the article.  I have not been to the Rotunda to see it for myself.  But I did enjoy this bit of information about the statue:

Since 1936, Davis’ likeness has held one of five spaces in the rotunda reserved for only the most distinguished Kentuckians. A plaque on the statue’s base is unequivocal: “Patriot — Hero — Statesman,” it reads. And supporters have insisted that the figure represents an important part of the state’s heritage even though Kentucky never seceded.

One of five distinguished Kentuckians, even though he spent most his time growing up in Mississippi. Yeah, he attended school here in KY for a while, but that was essentially it.  And I really love the bit about him being a "Patriot."  

The president of the Confederacy as a patriot.  Uh-huh.

Oh, did anyone fail to mention that Kentucky NEVER seceded from the Union during the Civil War?  So why does Jefferson Davis have this big statue in the state capital then?  Seems that then Gov. "Happy" Chandler, who unveiled the statue in 1936,  said that Jefferson Davis would live on in the hearts of the people of Kentucky.

And thanks to this Commission vote he will.