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Ivanka Trump Sets Up Foundation And Starts Soliciting Donations From Foreign Governments

Remember when Donald Trump repeatedly accused Hillary Clinton of running a pay-for-play scandal from the State Department using the Clinton Foundation? Yeah, he’s a f*cking hypocrite.

Not long after giving his daughter Ivanka an official White House role, she is already using that role for financial gain.

As we all know, Donald Trump used his Trump Foundation as his own personal piggy bank to settle lawsuits and pay for things like portraits of himself and sports memorabilia.

Trump also of using the Clinton Foundation as a pay-for-play scheme, criticizing her for taking donations from foreign governments.

He made the accusation in October by bragging about a Wikileaks report about a donation that occurred after Hillary had already left the State Department. Trump went on to promise that he would enact ethics reforms to stop corruption by executive branch officials.

Fast-forward to today and Trump has already flouted ethics rules by installing his daughter in a White House job. And now Ivanka is flouting ethics rules by running a so-called “foundation” from her White House office.

This is the kind of corruption Trump accused Hillary of committing.

Ivanka is even soliciting donations from foreign governments and corporations, any of whom could expect a favor from Trump in return for their money.

that “Canadians, Germans and a few Middle Eastern countries have already made quiet commitments, as have several corporations, a source said.”

Sp apparently these donations are not public, which means Ivanka Trump is accepting secret donations to a “foundation” she is running from within the White House. That’s incredibly suspicious.

Again, it’s well documented that Trump and his family use charities as bank accounts. Ivanka’s new “foundation” will be no different.

Ivanka Trump claims that her “foundation” will be used to empower women around the globe, but the fact that she has been complicit in her dad’s efforts to destroy programs and laws that help women here in America, and the fact that her own company treats female workers like shit by paying them pennies to make Ivanka’s shitty products, makes it clear that this new “foundation” is nothing more than yet another scam to use the White House and the presidency to enrich the Trump crime family.

If Ivanka Trump wants to start a foundation she should leave the White House and do it far away from her dad. Because it looks like this is yet more corruption in Trump’s White House and it’s the exact same kind of corruption he accused Hillary Clinton of committing.

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