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Ivanka Trump Leads MEETING at White House in Father’s absence

Ivanka Trump just led a meeting about human trafficking with members of Congress at the White House while her father, President Donald Trump was away. The meeting was attended by several Republicans and Democrats, not excluding House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy


Trump traveled to Connecticut to deliver a commencement address at the US Coast Guard Academy. The action simply said it all that Ivanka is getting more powerful by the day.

According to the White House pool report:

Mr. Trump’s eldest daughter spoke about the Trump administration’s efforts to fight human trafficking in the US and worldwide. “She noted that next week is Combatting Trafficking and Child Protection Week in Congress, during which lawmakers will present legislation tailored to this issue,” the report said.

The roundtable meeting was a follow-up discussion to a meeting held in February between Ivanka, several organizations and the president to combat human trafficking according to White House spokeswoman Lindsay Walters

“We’ve been conducting interagency meetings… as well as gathering recommendations from the academic, public and private sector,” since the meeting in February, Ms. Trump told attendees.

She added: “In 2016, there were over 8,000 cases reported to the National Human Trafficking hotline – a 35 percent increase from 2015.”



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