Ivanka Just BURNED Her Own Dad, Gives Glowing Endorsement Of Oprah’s Golden Globes Speech | THE POLITICUS

Ivanka Just BURNED Her Own Dad, Gives Glowing Endorsement Of Oprah’s Golden Globes Speech

The Golden Globes, like every major awards show since Donald Trump started squatting in the Oval Office, has been a firm rebuke of his disgusting excuse for a “presidency.” This particular awards show was the most visible yet, as the entire Hollywood elite graced the red carpet clad all in black — a testament to the #MeToo movement to condemn the worldwide culture of sexual abuse, harassment, and assault across the media, political, entertainment, and many other professional industries.

Of course, it all started with movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, and it snowballed from there. The movement has taken out every predator from NBC’s Matt Lauer to Democratic Congressman John Conyers to Senator Al Franken, but it didn’t take out the biggest creep of them all: Donald Trump himself, who is still sitting tall at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The Republicans have been silent on this, because, while the Democrats realize that morals should transcend politics, the so-called “Family Values” party will tolerate anything for a few tax cuts and a stolen Supreme Court seat. That didn’t stop the good folks at the Golden Globes from calling them on their bullshit, though — and, of course, nobody dragged them harder than the queen herself: OPRAH.

Yes, Oprah at the Golden Globes while rocking a beautiful black off the shoulder dress that did not disappoint. In fact, the speech was so spectacularly inspiring that it had her trending on Twitter in no time. However, this was no ordinary trend. It was unique. The speech inspired the Twitterverse to trend . Well, that fact makes the next piece of information even more peculiar: The fact that Ivanka Trump, The Donald’s daughter-wife, tweeted glowing praise of Oprah’s presidential-esque speech:

Well then! We’re sure that Trump is just SEETHING at his daughter at this one! Wonder how long it will take for him to go into a Twitter fit for the ages when he sees this, or, worse, make up some absurd excuse to cover up the truth: That his own daughter knows that he is unfit to be president, and that once inside the privacy of the voting booth, she’ll never, ever in a million years, vote for him again — if she ever did in the first place! Either way, Ivanka just threw some MAJOR shade at her own father, and likely just endorsed Queen Oprah for president.

Featured image via Paul Drinkwater/NBCUniversal via Getty Images