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It's Tax Day! Oh, and By the way....

Since the April 15 of this year fell on a Saturday, today is Tax Day. YIPEE!!! Which reminds me: There's a very good reason that our Beloved Common-Pervert-In Chief still refuses to show us his income tax returns for the past twenty-five years. A full third of the inmates of Idiot Nation are so touchingly dense that they will stand by the Donald until the bitter end. They will sink to any depth to prove their loyalty to this corrupt sociopath who reflects their vile and inexcusable racism. That is why Trump's approval ratings with the public, as low as they are today, will more-than-likely never go much below thirty-three percent. He's one of them, and they love him for it.
It's an entirely different story for the rest of us. Once we are able to have a peek at what this guy has been up to, the story is over. Not even these idiotic right wing politicians in the congress will be able to defend him - or most of them anyway (There will be a few holdouts). Once the truth is revealed, the American voters with IQs above a bag of moldy seaweed will demand that he be removed.
I'm not going to predict that Donald Trump will be remembered as the first president to go to federal prison. I made that same prediction eleven years ago in the first piece I ever wrote on this site and wound up with egg on my face. There are two sets of rules, one set for the ruling elite, and another for the rest of us. The one percent only pays for their crimes when one of their own turns on them. Why do you think Bernie Maddow is one of the only one of his class to go to prison for his crimes of plunder? His victims were the one percent. Dwell on that one for a little bit.
St. Dubya

I will say this, though: While Trump probably won't be dying in lockup, he will be the first chief-executive to be removed from office via the impeachment process. Of this I am certain, and every day it's becoming more apparent that this corrupt and disgusting administration is starting to make the Bush Mob seem like a bunch of angelic choirboys.

It's a fairly reliable barometer for measuring how completely weird things have gotten when one finds one's self nostalgic for the likes of George W. Bush. Can I get a witness?

Donald's excuse for the past year has been that he is unable to release his income tax returns because he is being audited by the IRS. Bullshit. There is no law on the books which states that a person being audited is forbidden from making the record public.

The public should demand that the House of Reprehensibles subpoena the  Internal Revenue Service and make those returns known immediately. It is within their power to do this perfectly legally. If there is nothing there - as so many of them are implying - then just let it all hang out and be done with it. If there is nothing there, show us. Those of us who lean leftwards have been freaking out about Trump's taxes for over a year. This is the perfect opportunity to shut us up and also make us look quite foolish in the process. It would be such a political score for him that he would be foolish not to do so. That's how I am certain that he is covering something up. He could have made us all look like a mob of pompous crybabies months ago! Why didn't he? Think about it, kids.

Call your reprehensible in Washington. Let him or her know that the president of the United States is not above accountability.

Tom Degan
Goshen, NY