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IT’S REALLY THIS BAD: Holocaust Museum Issues Statement Condemning Trump Supporters

If you think it’s not normal to live in a country where supporters of the President-elect get together to yell “heil Trump,” question if Jews are people, and practically masturbate over the thought of a race that can’t even handle sunburn is the superior race, you’re right. But that’s where we’re at as a nation following the election of White Supremacist-In-Chief Donald Trump.

“Heil Trump, heil our people, heil victory!” a leader of the “alt-right” (that’s neo-Nazis for the media who refuse to explain it to people who aren’t familiar with current American white supremacist movements) exclaimed at a gathering of Trump-loving white nationalists at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, D.C. on Saturday. During his half-hour speech, Richard B. Spencer spoke passionately about the superiority of white people, complained about the “Lügenpresse” — that’s “lying press,” as Trump has said since the beginning of his campaign — and celebrated the fact that Trump’s election has opened many doors for neo-Nazis like those assembled to praise their glorious leader.

It’s bad. It’s really bad. It’s so bad that the Holocaust museum felt it necessary to release a statement condemning Trump supporters in the strongest possible terms.

“The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is deeply alarmed at the hateful rhetoric at a conference of white nationalists held on November 19 at the Ronald Reagan Building just blocks from the Museum.,” the statement reads, noting that these Trump fans are something that our nation (this includes our media who has been giving them a free pass) should not under any circumstances tolerate:

According to press reports, Richard Spencer, the leader of the National Policy Institute – a white nationalist think tank – that sponsored the conference, made several direct and indirect references to Jews and other minorities, often alluding to Nazism. He spoke in German to quote Nazi propaganda and refer to the mainstream media. He implied that the media was protecting Jewish interests and said, “One wonders if these people are people at all?” He said that America belongs to white people. His statement that white people face a choice of “conquer or die” closely echoes Adolf Hitler’s view of Jews and that history is a racial struggle for survival.

The targeting of Jews was central to Nazi racist ideology. The Germans attempted to kill every Jewish man, woman and child they could find.  Nazi racism extended to other groups. By the end of World War II, the Germans and their collaborators had murdered six million Jews and millions of other innocent civilians, many of whom were targeted for racial reasons.

“The Holocaust did not begin with killing; it began with words,” the statement notes. “The Museum calls on all American citizens, our religious and civic leaders, and the leadership of all branches of the government to confront racist thinking and divisive hateful speech.”

Unfortunately, we are seeing many of those same words — both from Trump and his mindless, meth-addled followers — being ignored by the mainstream media and many everyday Americans who perhaps do not grasp the gravity of what they are seeing and hearing.

We must stand up to Donald Trump and his Nazi followers every single day. We as Americans must dig deep and refuse to tolerate so much as a single “seig heil” from The Donald’s crew. We must continually oppose the President-elect at every turn.

This is real. This is happening. It’s time that we treat the situation appropriately. For those who think we would never tolerate another Adolf Hitler, that’s exactly what we are doing right now — and that is not OK.

Watch Trump’s most loyal supporters bare their souls below (as an aside, shame on The Atlantic for blurring these bigots’ faces):

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