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It’s The Great Trumpkin, Charlie Brown: Anti-Prez Halloween Display Gives Town A Fright

In West Hartford, Connecticut, Matt Warshauer isn’t terribly worried about his house getting TP’ed on Halloween. Sure, he has a “controversial” display that takes up basically his whole front lawn (and an observer’s entire field of vision), but it’s the suburbs. And besides, Hartford County is the bluest part of a pretty blue state, hauling in nearly 60% of the vote for Hillary Clinton just after last Halloween.

Warshauer is a professor of History at Central Connecticut State University, and aside from his love of antiquity, he has a similar affinity for All Hallow’s Eve, .

But around the start of the Iraq War, his annual display began to take on a political tone, and now there’s no mistaking the fact that he wants to make people think as they pass by:

As a historian one of my goals is always to educate people and try and at least begin conversations.”

Well, this display is certainly a conversation starter.

Warshauer calls it “The Trumpian Ship of State,” and it centers on a giant pirate ship called the Constitution, captained by none other than a sulfur-belching Donald. It features a litany of callouts to contemporary affairs, which make sense for a history teacher. And all fall within the theme, which just makes Matt seem like a creative genius.

The day after the election last year I thought, the American ship of state has gone horribly off course. It’s a pirate ship because Trump and most of his cabinet and people surrounding him are pirates who are pillaging this country.”

But the parallels don’t stop at piracy. The scene features ousted FBI Captain James Comey walking the plank, marched at sword-point by Russian skeletons. A young DREAMer stands ready to plunge into the waters of deportation nearby.

And trailing the ship, alone in a dinghy, trying in vain to sail away from the whole mess, is a very dead Abraham Lincoln holding a sign that says “What’s Become Of My Party?”

Matt Warshauer could’ve stopped there, and everyone might have known what he meant. But after this giant pirate ship with the help of ten of his friends, I plan to check in on Matt’s Halloween displays every single year.

Watch the Fox 61 video here:

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