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Improving Economy Proves Obama Right Man for Top Job

Job numbers are growing, the Health Care bill is showing savings for Medicare for over $200 billion by 2016, and the stock market is doing well; all of this, even after President Barack Obama took the country over at the beginning of the Great Recession. And now Republicans seem unhappy because he didn’t completely clean up the mess left from their party’s president, George W. Bush.

President Obama may not have gotten this country back on track quick enough to please everyone; at least those impatiently expecting him to perform miracles and bring the country back from the brink of disaster, this after eight years in the making but he’s getting us there. Those most impatient and unhappy with him are the conservatives.

Imagine this; a group of people decide to throw a humdinger party. They mess the house up with all of the leftovers from the party, break furniture and turn over everything and then hire someone to come in and clean it up afterwards. The person or persons who cleans the house, does the best job they can but it isn’t quick enough or good enough for those who partied, they want it clean now and they want to fire the cleaning help because they’re not moving quick enough, cleaning up the mess they made. Imagine now that the partiers are the GOP and now they’re complaining because Obama; the cleanup guy is not doing a good enough job and they also want the house back so that they can do some more partying.

But what is most frustrating for the Republicans is the fact that Obama is doing a better job than they hoped for, and this after all the obstruction they’ve put up before him to keep him from doing a good job, or otherwise, let the country suffer for the good of the party winning back control of the White House in 2012. The party of “Country First” always shows what they’re really made of after all.

In spite of the GOP, optimism is growing. This is bad for Republicans in November, all of this after their efforts to discredit this president at every turn, trying their best not to given him credit for anything good. To hear them tell it, you’d think he was the one who sent our country into worse recession ever. This optimism isn’t just isolated to the average American citizen but also the experts; the economist, that is. Economists see job growth stronger by 20 percent than they did in January. This means that things are better than what was expected.

Still, gas prices are high which affect a lot of Americans. Republicans are of course trying to blame Obama for gas prices. I distinctly remember Republican friends of mine arguing with me back during the Bush administration that presidents couldn’t do much about gas prices, this was in defense of the soaring gas prices during Bush’s term in office. Now they’ve changed their mind and they’re blaming Obama for the high prices.

The good news is that now many Americans are spending money anyway and they’re getting back to work, slowly but surely and the economy is lifting off again. It would be a shame if we messed that all up by putting another Republican in the White House, one that’s bent on cutting more taxes for the wealthy as President Bush did during his term which – after starting two wars – cut taxes for everyone but especially two huge tax cuts for the wealthy.

The country is actually recovering if Americans can just have patience and give it time. What’s important is that we don’t go back in time and forget our mistakes of the past. We’ve watched Reaganomics at work in this country for over 30 years and they’ve proven to be a failure. As the old saying goes “Rome was not built in a day” and neither can we build an economy that is strong and can stand against the winds of time.

President Obama has attempted to handle the bigger problems of our economy and of the environment. His willingness to put on the table something as big as the Affordable Care Act shows that his job is more than just winning popularity. His stubbornness concerning the Keystone oil pipeline because of environmental concerns, reveals a man who knows that it may cost him votes in November to do the right thing but then does the right thing anyway – not something you can expect out of politicians nowadays from either party, they all seem determined to serve their own interests.

We can continue to elect presidents who serve their own interest and that of their party or we can reelect a president who has proven he’s not afraid of the bigger issues and he’s not afraid to stand up for what he believes in.

Let’s look at it this way; President Obama is like a thermostat; he changes things. Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney is a thermometer who reacts to change and changes himself, depending on the temperature in the room.

I like how the temperature is feeling now and it’s getting more pleasant as time goes; I say let’s keep the thermostat set at a comfortable setting and keep the president we have and let the thermometer instead, react to the news of his loss this coming November.