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I'm worried about Saturday's "rally".

     Go ahead, you can call me a nervous Nellie, an old mother hen, or a worry wort, I don’t care. Hell, you might well be right. But I am starting to get very worried about this “campaign event” on Saturday in a hangar in Florida. And for some perfectly good reasons.

     First of all, Hair Furor is very upset right now. In fact, he’s extremely pissed off. He’s doing a shitty job, nothing is going right for him, the press is crucifying him, and everywhere he turns there are nothing but protests and roadblocks. His ego is in tatters, his poor fee-fees are hurt, and he feels unloved. He desperately needs to be surrounded by slavish acolytes, he craves the fix of the old familiar chants of “Lock her up!” and thunderous cheers and applause to every word he utters.

     And Trump is not the only one feeling sorry for himself. His loyal Trombies are also birds of a ruffled plumage. Their Glorious Leader is getting his ass kicked these days, and it’s all the fault of the heretical press and protesters who just can’t seem to get the true brilliance of the man, and what he’s trying to do. The Trumpaholics who show up for this rally will want to give their conquering Caesar a heroes welcome, and they’ll brook no shit in doing it.

     This is not a Presidential appearance, it’s officially a “campaign event”. That has already been made clear, this rally is being paid for by Trump’s reelection campaign. But, maybe since he is now the President (shudder), the event is “open to the public”, since I guess the dumb shit belongs to all of us now, oh thrill, oh joy!

     Since this is a campaign event, I have to figure that the security will be different. The Secret Service will of course still be responsible for security of the premises, and for the President’s personal security during his rally, but they are not going to be involved in crowd control. That leaves any disruptions up to his private security force, paid for by the campaign, and devoted to Trump.

     You don’t have to be a psychic to know that there will be protests when Trump shows up to speak, but that’s fine, if it’s being held in a hanger at an airport, most likely, like most previous hangar rallies, the people will clear security at a remote location and be bused to the hangar. In other words, The Tiny Thumbs Diktator will never see the protesters, since he’ll pull up in AF1 and deplane right at the hangar. But if protesters make like ordinary supporters, clear security and are taken to the hangars, all bets are off.

     During the campaign Trump had to be careful, protesters getting roughed up at his events presented a bad visual, made him look like a goon, and he had to plead with his acolytes to not touch the protesters, just surround them and shout them down, and for his security to use a light touch with them. But sadly I fear, no more. Trump desperately wants to look like a big, tough dude, he aches to lash out at the people who defy him, and his supporters are more than up to that challenge. In his mind, these sniveling protesters are poaching on the Kings land, and now that he’s in power, there is no longer any real urgency for him to tell his security stooges to only use velvet gloves in removing protesters. The Secret Service is not going to intervene, they are entrusted with the President’s safety, and nothing else. At best, an approximately equal number of protesters and Trombies are in there, in which case you end up with an English soccer match punch up, and Der Drumpkopf is whisked off the stage by the Secret Service while the local cops clean up the mess. But if the protesters are in a solid minority, and scattered throughout the crowd,this could get seriously ugly in a big hurry.

     As I stated earlier, I might just be getting all tied up over nothing. But I just have this nagging feeling that the way things have gone for the Naked Emperor, and the simmering frustration of his most rabid supporters, I am fearful that any kind of disruption of his pagan ritual will not be met with a peaceful response.