I'm Glad I Don't Watch The View

I'm Glad I Don't Watch The View

You are an asshole when you defend the indefensible, especially when it becomes painfully obvious to most.  Yes, I'm talking about Whoopi Goldberg. Seems she cannot take the little intellectual skip - not a leap -  that her good friend Bill Cosby is a rapist.  Something cynical inside me tells me that it is more than friendship that motivates Whoopi's continual defense of Bill Cosby, or maybe like Huckabee, Whoopi loves herself some sexual offenders.

I used to like Whoopi Goldberg, at least back in the day when she was first doing stand up comedy.  However, since she has gotten established, Whoopi has figured out that it does not pay to criticize Hollywood - literally.  How else to explain her embrace of child rapist Roman Polanski?

If her remarks with regards to defending Roman Polanski were not enough to turn you off, her continual defense of Bill Cosby after the most recent release of his sworn affidavit demonstrates that nothing will "convince" her that Bill Cosby is a rapist, except a conviction in a court of law.  Newsflash Whoopi:  this is not a case of he said she said.  We have 36 she saids against one he said, and the he said claims he bought Quaaludes to give to women in order to have sex with them.

The absurdity of Bill Cosby's defenders has already been pointed out by others on this blog and elsewhere.  But basically, we are to believe that 36 women conspired together to ruin an old man's career.  Was there a club called the "I Hate Bill Cosby" forum that all these women were recruited from?

Frankly, given Whoopi's previous defense of Roman Polanski and Cosby, I am betting that Whoopi is thinking of her bank account.  She doesn't want to offend any powerful or connected people in Hollywood, and it is obvious that she wants to keep working.  So it is easier to defend sexual offenders who are connected in Hollywood than show a little empathy for their victims.

I hope "The View" goes belly up.