IL-Sen: PPP Has Tammy Duckworth (D) Leading Mark Kirk (R) 42-36 | THE POLITICUS

IL-Sen: PPP Has Tammy Duckworth (D) Leading Mark Kirk (R) 42-36

Some great news today from PPP:

PPP's newest Illinois poll finds that Mark Kirk's popularity is plummeting, and he trails Tammy Duckworth in a hypothetical match up.

Kirk was already struggling when we last polled the state in February- only 28% of voters approved of the job he was doing to 32% who disapproved. After getting involved in a series of controversies over the last five months his numbers have turned even more in the wrong direction- now only 25% approve of him with his disapproval spiking up to 42%.

Duckworth leads Kirk 42/36 in a head to head. Although a plurality of voters in the state (42%) have no opinion about her, she's popular among the people who are familiar with her, with 34% rating her favorably to only 23% with an unfavorable view.

Duckworth is also the overwhelming favorite in the Democratic primary, leading Andrea Zopp 59-10. That includes a 57-13 advantage for Duckworth with African American primary voters. There's a big electability gap for the Democratic hopefuls when it comes to a match up with Kirk- Zopp would do 15 points worse than Duckworth at this point, trailing Kirk 38/29. - PPP, 7/29/15

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