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If You Thought Donald Trump Was Twiddling His Thumbs During The Storm, You’re Right

It’s hard to find room for something else to be upset about when there’s a natural disaster happening in America. Your heart is in a million pieces over the loved ones you’re worried about. Your brain is going crazy trying to think of ways you can help from your little corner of America. You struggle to stow away the knowledge that this will get worse as long as the people who run the country continue to see climate change in terms of what it would cost to do anything about it. You want to look to your leaders.

Today in America, that isn’t possible. And to be honest with you, I never thought I would be here again. Twelve years ago, I left the world of “lefty” blogging because I found myself disgusted and in tears too often. When of George W. Bush playing a guitar and eating birthday cake while bodies floated through the streets of NOLA, I walked away from my keyboard. I didn’t think it could get worse. I didn’t think I could handle it if it did.

I’m glad I returned to this arena, because it has gotten worse, and we need as many voices as we can muster in opposition to it.

So here. Here are the photos my headline promised you. Now you have to promise me that you will help us hold this bastard to account.

One more time, a little bigger so you can see it without going offsite:

Donald Trump’s response is — IMPOSSIBLY — worse than Bush’s was to Katrina, because it shows just how disconnected he is from the real, hurting, scared, tired country that he is supposed to be leading. If you can imagine Donald Trump hugging a stranger or comforting a child who’s lost their mother in a storm, you have a better imagination than me. He has spent what little time he’s dedicated to communicating with the people of America during this disaster interlacing his self-congratulatory tweets of how good “WE” are doing in the response with more jabs at his “enemies,” more shilling for money, more complaints that entire foreign countries aren’t bowing to his will. He jams himself into the column of heroes while real heroes take their boats through the streets of Texas to look for lives to save.

Fuck you, Donald Trump. Take that “we” out of your mouth.

Featured image via Michael Reynolds/Pool/Getty Images