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IA-04. Is Kim Weaver a stealth fighter? Updated with an interview link.

     One thing you gotta say about Steve King of IA-04, he’s a cocky little bugger. Thanks to being in what’s normally considered a “safe” Red district he feels free to let his freak flag fly, insulting Muslims and African Americans, snidely referring to the “cantaloupe calves” on Mexican teens from lugging marijuana bales across the border, and slathering praise on The Orange Julius. What the hell, he’s safe.

     But wait. Cue up Buffalo Springfield, “Something’s happening here, what it is ain’t exactly clear”. Steve King has consistently blown off Kim Weaver, considering her no threat, and refusing to debate her at all. She’s too far in his rear view mirror for him to see her. But I have a question. If she’s such a non entity, and the race is safely tucked away, why is she getting so much press?

     Yesterday, the had a long and exhaustive article on this race, comparing the candidates on multiple issues. Steve King didn’t come off very well. He wrote Kim Weaver off, defended his off the wall and offensive statements as “telling it straight”, and not doing anything to distance himself from the SS Trumpitania. He explained away his Congressional inactivity in crafting bills by saying he was better known for proposing “alternate amendments” to existing bills. Yeah. Except you and I would call them “poison pills”.

     Kim Weaver has been hammering King from every direction. She has called him cowardly for refusing to debate her, slammed him for his inactivity in Congress, hit him on amendments he wanted to add that would have hurt average Iowan’s, and called him out for his insane comments and positions. If she’s an underdog, she’s not going down without one helluva fight.

     Look, I’ve been saying for months now, forget the rules. Forget “safe” districts. In 2016, Donald Trump has been a political etch-a-sketch. All by himself he has wiped the slate clean. When comfortably “safe” Red states like AK, AZ, UT, GA and even freakin’ TX are actually in play, there are no more “safe” seats for the GOP. Anywhere.

     Iowa is still a swing state, it’s within reach. And Count Trumpula still has 19 more days to set his orange coif on fire and finish the destruction. Let’s give Kim Weaver as much help as we can to make sure we can retire “cantaloupe calves” King come January. Cleaning out his office will be the most work he’s done since he got to Washington! To learn more about Kim, go To contribute to her campaign, try And to talk to real, live Iowans in the fall air, or dial your fingers silly, pootle on over Or you can always look her up on the great 90for90.org.

     Thanks as always for reading, and GO Blue!!!