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I Want a Future ...Ad by my 9 year old

We know climate change is real.  We know Rick Scott is destroying the environment.

We know my 9 year old has a passion for and started Love Our Land Awareness.

This is her Anti Scott Ad .   She said this is in the car and the Crist campaign and Terri Wonder ( running for commissioner of Manatee loved what she said).  I uploaded this ad tonight.... Please feel free to Tweet, share and pass around.

She is serious about having a future and hates the thought of people claiming to be good stewards of the Earth like the good methodist Rick Scott and then going right against everything the Bible says about being good steward when they frack and drill and hurt our waterways, pollute and kill the environment.

It was just last week some evangelicals were questioning Mr. Scott on his stand regarding fracking and destroying the environment.